Ebene News – United States – Why Internet is panicking over Costco Yule log

Good news for those of us who are waiting until the last minute to plan our holiday menus: dessert is covered This year Costco is selling Yule log cakes for under $ 10 Honestly , you probably couldn’t even get the ingredients to make your own cake for that price, let alone save you time and effort. A Costco fan account on Instagram, @CostcoDeals (how am I not that one, seriously?), Posted the delicious confection on his stories and the internet quickly imploded

For those of you whose family didn’t insist on having one of these beauties on the table every Christmas, the Yule Log – which is called a Yule Log if you speak French – is a dessert. traditional holiday, usually made from a sponge cake (a variety of cake that I only know by name from watching The Great British Bake Off) and rolled with buttercream to form a Swiss roll before being covered with chocolate buttercream shaped to look like a real log

The origins of the cake go back to the 1600s The earliest recorded recipe, according to Histoirecom, comes from a 1615 cookbook by Gervase Markham called The English Huswife But long before there was a cake, there was had a literal diary The pagans of northern Europe would choose a special tree, bring it to their house, and burn the trunk on the solstice and the nights that followed The ashes, believed to have magical and medicinal properties, would be kept for light the following year’s diary The tradition persisted even as paganism waned, with families lighting the Yule log on Christmas Eve rather than the Solstice Eventually it turned into a log-shaped cake I’m not not a historian, but I would like to suggest that this also marks the first moment in the history of “cakes that look like other things”

Listen, I’m going to tell you here: I’ve never met a Costco product that I didn’t like I’m a sucker for the store: that’s one of the most basic things about me, but I’m leaning into it because I like to feel like I’m doing business on a box of crackers so big it needs a zoning permit And when it comes to cakes in particular, Costco is second to none: I grew up looking forward to birthdays, graduations, and other milestone events just to get a Costco cake so, although the Yule Log cake probably didn’t. no magical properties, it almost certainly tastes like magic


Ebene News – United States – Why the Internet is freaking out over Costco’s Christmas newspaper

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