Ebene News – US – 11 J-Hope Fashion Moments I Think We Need To Talk About More About

Fact: everyone is in love with Hobi

It was on this day in 1994 that the world got (much) brighter Today we celebrate BTS sunshine, Gwangju pride in one man, your hope, my hope: J-Hope

We have all kinds of important things to take care of today, in honor of Hobi’s birthday First: let’s recognize the endless joy that Jung Hoseok has brought us over the years. His talent is endless and his optimism is contagious – as enveloping as a warm hug at the end of a really bad day He has a smile that could provide energy to the Earth for the next 1000 years And what better time to spring from my outfits J- Hope’s favorite (and there are plenty, so pick up your pace, ARMY) than for her birthday? It’s no surprise that the man who named Snoopy as one of his biggest style influences is having fun with fashion, landing somewhere at the intersection of the ‘hypebeast’ and ‘cutie pie’ aesthetic. “Let’s raise a can of Sprite in his honor, broadcast Hope World all day long, and worship BTS’s heart, our Hobitonin

For the 2020 Melon Music Awards, BTS performed “Black Swan”, “On” and Billboard’s No.1 hits “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” The entire performance may have been the seventeen best minutes I’ve experienced since the start of the pandemic, and no moment was more stifling than when J-Hope appeared in a velor jumpsuit What was the extent of the sartorian-induced fusion that followed? His three names – J-Hope, Hobi and Hoseok – immediately started following trends on Twitter

Not to mention that J-Hope and / or the genius stylist who was involved in this cut could easily have included a tuxedo shirt, a collarbone-grazing tank top, a cool Gucci shirt – all that really is But they did not Hobi woke up that day and chose chaos in the form of a shirtless purple velvet jumpsuit

A Hill I Will Gladly Die On: The Whole “Dynamite” Era Is Actually The Era of J-Hope Of course every limb looked amazing, but the visuals Hobi served were downright messed up The forehead cleared and on display, ’70s Gucci suits, J-Hope pumpkin spice as seen at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert – couldn’t sleep for weeks with the endless onslaught of services

Be honest: Did you gasp the first time you saw this photo, Army Comrade? I did

For Bon Voyage’s third season in 2018, BTS traveled to Malta where fellow idol Jungkook took what may be the most beautiful picture of J-Hope ever Sitting by the water’s edge as a sunset in Malta bathes him in honey-golden light, J-Hope burns himself into a crisp white pimple This image is burned in my brain as a pic “POV: Your rich boyfriend Hoseok takes you to dinner ” fanfic

When the world went on lockdown and BTS had to cancel their 2020 Stadiums World Tour, ARMY feared they would never see a performance of J-Hope’s MOTS7 solo song “Outro: Ego” Lucky for us, Bangtan never lets his fans down and rotated to produce a virtual Map of the Soul ON: E concert last October

In total, nearly a million viewers from 191 countries logged in to swoon over our Hobitonin and a performance as brilliant as his rhinestone-encrusted Louis Vuitton denim (accessorized with two of the hottest brands in the world). moment: Gentle Monster sunglasses and DiorxAir Jordan 1 Low sneakers)

How did this J-Hope escape? Shouldn’t it be in the Louvre with all the other works of art?

These concept photos of Map of the Soul: 7 are the modern equivalent of Renaissance paintings They hurt in their perfection – Hoseok in particular His glowing skin, mythically beautiful face, Dionysus-equse pose – you tell me this is the same man who will wear a cartoon puppy hat and scream in sheer terror (sort of adorable) on the amusement park rides? The duality that this man possesses…

This cut checks all possible J-Hope aesthetic boxes Bucket hat? Yes, in the form of a fuzzy Kangol Layers of incredibly luxurious designer jewelry? Yeah, Chanel dog plaques! Cool and oversized street style shirt? Check!

For BTS’s 2021 season greeting pack, J-Hope modeled this FreeVOLT shirt, a trendy Korean street-style line. As soon as J-Hope’s photos hit the internet, the brand announced that it would donate sales of this particular soon-to-be-sold t-shirt to charities that help underprivileged children around the world Add it to the (extremely long) list of good charitable deeds that BTS has inspired

Please take your attention away from J-Hope’s gaze hot enough to melt the ice caps (I know, it’s hard) and its shape.This is one of my favorites due to the cultural juxtaposition: a Korean gat (a traditional hat from the Joseon period) worn with the ultra modern and iconic American Nike Air Jordan 1 The transnational suit is symbolic of J-Hope’s appeal and influence around the world

Do you want to weaken any J-Hope bias? Four Words: Chicken Noodle Soup Hobi On a BTS hiatus, J-Hope flew to Los Angeles to film an instantly iconic clip for his collaboration with Becky G The whole project is an amalgam of everything we love about J-Hope: A high octane song, that stays in your head forever, performed in a bright, sunny place with all those pop signatures, swaying, hopping, tutting, dougie, flexing, swaggin ‘Gwangju is moving Her fashion neon luminous hypebeast in the music video was briefly overshadowed by another era of “CNS”

J-Hope returned to Seoul from MOON in airport gear that caused an international meltdown The idol, who rarely shows a sheen of skin, wore a barely buttoned star print denim jacket from Chemist without shirt underneath ARMYs all over the world had no choice but to collapse into a fetal position until they could figure out how to function again

Yes, the outfit is so awesome – a subtle nod to two ’90s fashion icons: the return of the Hawaiian shirt thanks to the signature retro white sunglasses of Baz Luhrmann, Romeo Juliet and Kurt Cobain – but, more importantly, how “J-Hope” is this photo? He’s the sun in human form – happily climbed out of his chair and dancing to make his limbs smile (even Suga can’t help but smile !) Here is the video from the SiriusXM interview, for the background. BTS was asked who is “most likely to brighten up someone’s day” and, of course, it’s you, J-Hope

I’m, sure, a sucker for the whole Jingle Ball 2019 performance These are the white tuxedos How to resist Bangtan in the most beautiful crystal-snow-white tuxedos? J-Hope in particular looks like a dazzling fairytale prince Models around the world should be eternally grateful that Jung Hoseok chose music for a career

J-Hope, BTS

Ebene News – US – 11 J-Hope fashion moments I think we need to talk about more

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