Ebene News – US – ‘A very dangerous way to run a show’: Simpsons recluse writer speaks out

John Swartzwelder, known for creating some of the best episodes of The Simpsons, talked about the show’s climax? ??? and why Homer is a big talking dog

Lone Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder, who is credited with creating some of the most popular episodes in the show’s 31-year history, gave his first interview since leaving the hit series he 18 years ago

The screenwriter, who wrote 59 episodes between 1990 and 2003 â ???? including the James Bond parody You Only Move Twice and Homer the Great, which memorably featured the Stonecutters Sect – ???? spoke with Mike Sacks from The New Yorker via email Introducing his topic, Sacks described Swartzwelder as a cult figure for his offbeat work on the show, conjuring up dark characters from a strange, ancient America: hobos playing the banjo , ventriloquist mannequins smoking cigarettes – pantless, singing the elders

Swartzwelder described his shift from advertising to television written for Saturday Night Live – and on Army Man magazine before the Simpsons, where the executives left him and his fellow writers to themselves. “All we had to do was make each other happy,” says Swartzwelder It’s a very dangerous way to run a TV show, leaving the artists in charge of the art, but it worked out fine in the end It rained money on the Fox lot for 30 years ago lesson in there somewhereâ ????

Asked if the writers … the play felt special at the time, the 72-year-old said the writers on the show never had a great idea of ​​[their success] because we knew that we could be replaced about two seconds, anytime, probably for less money… Oddly enough, the writer also stated that he imagined Homer Simpson as a big talking dog. One moment he’s the saddest man in the world because he just lost his job, dropped his sandwich or accidentally killed his family Then the next moment he’s the happiest man in the world because that he has just found a penny possibly under one of his deceased family members It’s not really a dog, of course he’s smarter than that – but if you write him like a dog, you can never go wrong…

Swartzwelder added that an episode of Mr Burns was always fun for me And Homer, of course Patty and Selma, less But all the characters in Springfield can be funny It’s just a matter of giving them something fun to say ????

Speaking of the show’s unusually grown-up humor, for example, the violence between Itchy & Scratchy, Swartzwelder described how framing scenes through the Simpson family’s own television gave writers more freedom. “We could show kids horrible things at home, as long as we pictured them being shown to The Simpsons.” children first, â ???? he said – Somehow this extra step baffled our critics and outwitted the crowds with torches We agreed with them that it was wrong to show the kids, “Didn’t we? not just shown that it was wrong? And look, here’s some more fake stuff!

Swartzwelder was also asked about the show’s Golden Age: â ???? I always thought the third season was our best individual season [By that time] we had learned to grind first-class episodes of The Simpsons with surprising regularity, we had developed a great cast of characters to work with, we didn’t even come close to running out of storylines and staff. had yet to be exhausted from overwork The third season has been a fun year for The Simpsons writers room, and I think it shows in the work, Although praise for the series has leveled off in recent years, it continues to attract a large following and was renewed in March for a 33rd and 34th edition. The show made headlines when Morrissey hit the show’s creators after an episode centered around a fictional group called The Snuffs, whose frontman Quilloughby parodied the singer

Swartzwelder, who now specializes in self-published absurd detective novels, said The Simpsons had … helped create a generation of wise men, who live in a world where everyone is up to something If that’s all we’ve achieved, other than the billions of dollars we’ve made, I’m happy…

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Ebene News – United States – “A very dangerous way to run a show”: The Simpsons recluse writer speaks out

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