Ebene News – US – Ashley Judd posts footage after broken leg in rainforest

Ashley Judd shares in more detail her “heartbreaking” experience in the Congo rainforest

Last week, the actress revealed that she broke her leg and almost lost it after something fell on it on Feb. On the 16th, she posted several Instagram images which showed her being transported out of the jungle via a hammock and riding a scooter. It took him over two days to get professional medical help

“Friends Without my Congolese siblings, my internal bleeding would probably have killed me and I would have lost my leg,” she said on social media “I wake up crying in gratitude, deeply moved by each person who has brought something invigorating and salutary during my grueling 55 hour odyssey.”

“Dieumerci stretched his leg out and put it under my grossly deformed left leg to try and keep it still. He was broken in four places and had nerve damage Dieumerci (” Thank you to God “) remained seated, without move or flinch, for 5 hours on the floor of the rainforest He was with me in my primitive pain He was my witness “, she wrote” Papa Jean: it took 5 hours, but finally he got me found, miserable and wild on the ground, and calmly assessed my broken leg He told me what to do I bit a stick I hung Maud And daddy Jean, with certainty, began to handle and readjust my broken bones into something like a position I could be transported to, as I screamed and twisted How he did it so methodically as I was like an animal overtakes me He saved me The six men who carefully moved me in the hammock with as little pushing as possible, who then walked for 3 hours on rough terrain carrying me Hero “

“Didier was driving the motorbike I sat back to back, his back my backrest When I started to collapse, to faint, he would call me so that I would resume my position to lean on him” , she said “Maradona rode in the back of the motorcycle, I faced him He held my broken leg under the heel and I held the broken upper part with both hands Together we have did this for 6 hours on an irregular, ornate and pockmarked dirt road that has gullies for the rain to flow in during the rainy season Maradona was the only person to volunteer for this task. We have a beautiful friendship, discussing the pros and cons of polygamy and monogamy “

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Ebene News – United States – Ashley Judd posts footage after broken leg in rainforest

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