Ebene News – US – Benzema and Suarez age like fine wine, showing No.9 is back

Posted: 16:57 GMT, December 22, 2020 | Update: 16:57 GMT, December 22, 2020

As Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid play their last two games of 2020 to see who kicks off the new year at the top of La Liga, both clubs thank the 33-year-old forwards for putting them where they are

Luis Suarez has scored seven goals in just 11 attempts, placing him second in scores behind Gerard Moreno, who has eight None of his goals came from the penalty spot unlike four from Moreno

He has struggled in his first two games after coronavirus positive, but his brutal effectiveness has not abated over time and he wants that double of top scorer and league champion

Luis Suarez (left) performed superb for Atletico Madrid and is second in the scoring table

Karim Benzema (left) was the only man to defend Real Madrid when Cristiano Ronaldo left

Benzema wants the same He has also scored seven goals so far this season, also without penalties He turned 33 this month, a year younger than Suarez, who will be 34 in January He has also been able to focus on club football since October 2015 when he played his last game for France

As Suarez flies transatlantic during international breaks to play for Uruguay, Benzema rests ready for the next domestic challenge

It’s starting to show up He’s playing better than ever – the space race, the first velvet touch and the Sunday finish in Real Madrid’s win over Eibar were his best vintage ever

France can say they won the World Cup without him but what a waste for him not to have been part of this team forming what would have been an extraordinary front three with Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe

The Frenchman took advantage of a lack of international football and he now looks so sharp

He may still have the chance to play with Mbappe although the 22-year-old will have to terminate his contract at Paris Saint-Germain as Real Madrid don’t have the finances to sign him for a transfer fee

The club cut player salaries by 10% last season and will have to do the same this time. Last summer was the first time in 40 years that they hadn’t bought anyone

Benzema has reimbursed the president of the religious club, Florentino Perez, who has always shown in him leading the club during this time when they cannot just go out and find who they want

Benzema and Suarez would like another league title this year For the Frenchman it would be his fourth and second without Cristiano Ronaldo When the club sold the Portuguese in 2018 to Juventus they were desperate for other big names in the club at the time, and Eden Hazard who signed a year later, to stand up Nobody did it except Benzema

He was still only nine in number He wore the center-forward shirt but his job was to open up that space so Ronaldo could fill it in and score his goals After Ronaldo he was to become the center-forward and he did it in a spectacular fashion

Suarez loves to prove Barcelona wrong in his decision to force him to leave the club

He currently scores a higher percentage of Real Madrid goals in Zinedine Zidane’s second stint at the club than Ronaldo did in Zidane’s first spell

Suarez also desperately wants to end the season with a winner’s medal Thrown by Barcelona in a 60-second phone call from Ronald Koeman, who did not want to lose him but was carrying out the club’s orders, he left extremely disappointed with the way of his departure

But the manner of his arrival at Atletico made him a distant memory The last time Barcelona sent a veteran striker to race at Atletico he won the league under Simeone

With a third of the season gone, the table may not yet be telling the absolute truth, but there are certainly fewer lies – teams are more or less where they expect for most of the season. the campaign In Barcelona, ​​that means fighting to get into the top four They don’t seem to have a center-forward to help them do so

Lionel Messi (right) made the ‘false nine’ famous but center-forward play is back in fashion

Former Toulouse, Middlesbrough and Leganes striker Martin Braithwaite is closest, but recently Koeman has preferred to use the Dane on the sidelines

Barcelona once hypnotized their opponents with formations without a center forward But it was the era of Andres Iniesta, Xavi and the “ false nine ” of Lionel Messi at the height of his powers

Now it’s Suarez and Benzema playing as number nine and leading their teams away from Barcelona to the top of the table Barca have only won one away game all season and if they fail at Valladolid and Atletico beat Real Sociedad and Real Madrid beat Granada, they could both have an 11 point gap over their rivals

Center-forwards are back in fashion and both former LaLiga hands are currently screaming.If the trend continues, the title will remain in the city of Madrid – the only question will be which club will claim

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Ebene News – US – Benzema and Suarez are aging like good wine, showing that # 9 is back

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