Ebene News – US – Camilla Parker Bowles ‘jumped for joy’ when she was hit by Covid

Posted: 9:24 PM GMT, February 17, 2021 | Update: 21:54 GMT, February 17, 2021

The Duchess of Cornwall said she ‘jumped for joy’ receiving her Covid-19 vaccine and told hospital patients awaiting vaccine that ‘it doesn’t hurt’

Camilla joined her husband, the Prince of Wales, on a visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham today to learn more about the coronavirus vaccine trials

The royal couple met clinical trial volunteers, as well as healthcare workers receiving their vaccines, at their first joint official public event in two months

Clarence House confirmed last week that Charles, 72, and Camilla, 73, had their first Covid-19 vaccinations, the duo reassuring patients during their hospital visit

Camilla joined her husband, the Prince of Wales, on a visit to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham today to learn more about coronavirus vaccine trials (pictured)

Prince Charles, 72, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 73, made safety a priority when they met frontline workers at a Birmingham hospital during their first public engagement with the year today

They met Nicki Cadwallader, 50, who was getting a vaccine in a cancer patient trial

‘It’s a good thing It doesn’t hurt,’ added Camilla. “I was waiting for this to be done and they said, ‘It was done’ It was painless It was brilliant

The Duchess later told staff at the vaccination trial: ‘I jumped for joy I didn’t feel anything I’m eternally grateful for everything’

During the visit, the couple met with health and primary care workers who administer and receive the Covid-19 vaccine

The Duchess of Cornwall said she had ‘jumped for joy’ receiving her Covid-19 vaccine and told hospital patients awaiting vaccine that ‘it doesn’t hurt’ (pictured with Charles at Gloucestershire vaccination center in December)

When the Heir to the Throne and his wife first arrived at the hospital on Wednesday, they were greeted remotely by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and all wearing masks

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust is believed to have treated the highest number of Covid-positive patients of any NHS trust in the UK – over 12,500 – of which 10,000 have dischargedThe trust also recruited a large number of patients for the trials – 12,000

During their visit, Charles and Camilla unveiled a plaque thanking staff for their ‘incredible efforts’ during the pandemic

In a speech, Charles noted that he was the same age as the NHS and joked: ‘But the NHS has done a lot better than I can assure you that I am As I gradually fall apart’

Camilla described the vaccine as ‘brilliant’ and said it makes her feel more secure (pictured with Charles at an event to thank local volunteers and key workers at Berkshire organizations and charities in December)

“We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude,” he said, adding: “We are very, very lucky to have you”

Among the chemotherapy patients taking part in the vaccine trial are a married mother of three and property developer Ms Cadwallader, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, who has been providing protection since November since being diagnosed breast cancer

She said: ‘I’m delighted I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time and I’m so happy I can get my life back’

She said people shouldn’t ‘hesitate’ to receive a hit, saying it would help her ‘get back to normal’

Charles (speaking with NHS staff involved in the vaccination program during a visit to the Gloucestershire vaccination center at the Royal Gloucestershire Hospital on December 17) and Camilla unveiled a plaque thanking staff for his “ incredible efforts ” during the pandemic

‘I’m glad the country got it so quickly It means the world to me I can’t wait to get back to the supermarket, it’s the simple things,’ ‘she added

Harriet Nash, 69, said: ‘I told the Duchess I had seen him on the NHS app and wanted to do whatever I could to help’

M Hancock said: ‘Fortunately there are signs that we are about to come out There is still a long way to go Things are improving

‘In this hospital, the number of Covid patients has dropped from more than 1,000 at its highest level, the largest of any hospital group in the county, to less than 600

‘And the vaccination effort in this hospital center was one of the best in the whole country’

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Ebene News – United States – The jump by Camilla Parker Bowles for joy ‘when she received the Covid jab

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