Ebene News – US – Could Adam Gase join Bill Belichick’s coaching staff next season?

The New York Jets coach is currently 2-13 with a game against the New England Patriots in Week 17 The Jets plan to part ways with Gase after the Patriots contest- Jets this weekend He is in his second year in New York City and has spent the previous three years as head coach of the Miami Dolphins

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, Bill Belichick praised Gase and Jets starting quarterback Sam Darnold

“Adam always had an offensive system that really gave quarterbacks every opportunity to have the tools they need to be successful so I don’t think you can have someone better to coach (Darnold) only where he is “, Belichick told me He is progressing as you expect”

Gase is an offensive spirit and the Patriots just lost quarterback coach Jedd Fisch, with the potential to also lose offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels Gase worked under McDaniels and Nick Saban, while maintaining a strong relationship. with Belichick The Jets coach even mentioned that Belichick had called to inquire about his future plans after his tenure with the Dolphins

“After I left Miami he called me and we had a chat about that ending and see what I was going to do to move forward,” said Gase, transcribed by NESN “It was sort of the starting point there We just had a conversation to see what my next steps would be

“I was very grateful that I never had a conversation (with Belichick) except after games, which were usually short when I was in Miami, so I could have a conversation with him and somehow hear his experiences and how to get things done, he didn’t I didn’t have to do his best to do that I thought he was someone who was great for me to hear “

“I have a lot of respect for Adam,” said Belichick “I think he’s a very good coach He’s always been tough to train against He’s always made it tough for our defense He’s going back to Josh in Denver, so we’ve known each other for a while thanks to a mutual connection there

“But I think he did a great job I thought he did a good job with Miami I think he did a good job with the Jets It’s like I said , a coach for whom I have a lot of respect, he gives us a lot of problems and is a difficult coach to train against This is how I really feel about him “

The Patriots not only look at player turnover, but the coaching staff will be taking a hit this offseason as well. It’s never too early to start planting seeds and working towards the future

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Adam Gase

Ebene News – US – Could Adam Gase join Bill Belichick’s coaching staff next season?

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