Ebene News – US – Daniel Silva speaks out on Corey La Barrie’s death

Daniel Silva broke his silence on the death of Corey La Barrie In a 9-minute video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, the Ink Master star opened up about the car crash that killed La Barrie on his 25th birthday last May

Silva was arrested for murder after the car he was driving crashed, with La Barrie in the passenger seat He and La Barrie were taken to a local hospital after the accident, where La Barrie succumbed to his wounds

Silva was charged with one count of second degree murder days later, to which he pleaded not guilty.In July, Silva reached a plea deal and pleaded without dispute to one count of vehicle manslaughter

In August, Silva was sentenced to four years in state prison, suspended He was also sentenced to 365 days in a county jail, with a credit of 216 days already served Silva also received five years probation and 250 hours of community service

“It’s almost impossible to find the right words for something like this,” said Silva “Right now I’m still dealing with all of these emotions that I’m going through, and I’m just having to face it. the fact that this accident resulted in the death of one of my best friends”

The former reality TV star also read a letter that was allegedly sent on behalf of the La Barrie family to the presiding judge in the case, in which they asked for the murder charge to be dismissed in the second degree in favor of manslaughter

“It is difficult to express in words how truly grateful I am to the family for sending a letter like this in such a difficult time,” he said. “The fact that they even showed me an ounce of empathy and were able to look past the misinformation instead of seeking revenge shows how compassionate and understanding they are”

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Corey La Barrie, Daniel Silva

Ebene News – United States – Daniel Silva speaks out on the death of Corey La Barrie

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