Ebene News – US – Deezer reveals The Empire Strikes Back as UK’s best Star Wars soundtrack

Deezer named The Empire Strikes Back as UK users’ favorite Star Wars trilogy soundtrack John Williams’ sheet music is the most played of all the soundtracks in the franchise, the track The Imperial March being a particular favorite

The service also used Star Wars Day to reveal that Deezer HiFi saga soundtrack streams have increased 184% globally since January 2019.

“By listening to Star Wars soundtracks in high fidelity with the right equipment, you can hear all the rich detail that you might miss with normal sound quality,” commented Antoine Jaeger, soundtrack editor by Deezer

“As soon as you close your eyes you will feel like you are in a concert hall, listening to John Williams conduct the London Symphony Orchestra live”

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Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader, Star Wars Day

Ebene News – US – Deezer reveals Empire Strikes Back attack is the UK’s best star Wars Soundtrack

Source: https://www.seenit.co.uk/deezer-reveals-the-empire-strikes-back-as-uks-to-star-wars-soundtrack/