Ebene News – US – Diablo II Resurrected tops the BlizzCon announcement

Sam Mashkovech
– February 19, 2021 10:59 PM UTC

Blizzard’s latest BlizzCon event sees the longtime PC game maker in what he may be struggling with yet Game delays, notable departures, botched remakes, backlash smartphone gaming and anti-protester reputation weighed on what was once a great RTS / RPG reputation It got us wondering: Can the streaming-only BlizzCon game show and blueprint show that? recent hires and behind-the-scenes corporate reshuffle paying off?

In at least one respect, the outlook is rosy, thanks to an impressive reveal from Diablo II: Resurrected This long-running remake includes everything from the 2000 base game and its 2001 expansion, Lord of Destruction At first glance, this top-down remake seems to do all right that WarCraft III: Reforged got it so wrong – and we won’t have to wait very long to get our own impressions of The D2 Entries: Tech Alpha of R are now live before the launch of the game on PC and consoles “in 2021”

We’ve become more and more skeptical of Blizzard’s selling points in recent years, but so far everything D2: R feels like the right kind of approach “Blizzard Classic “, including the following selling points:

The scale of this project far exceeds what we saw in Blizzard’s re-release of Diablo 1, which saw the company simply hand over the original game files to GOG for resale as a DRM-free collection. This 2019 launch included a slight change to how his online game is handled, although this was done in a way that we still don’t recommend anyone use. The larger scale of the project may explain why Blizzard is asking a relatively high price of $ 49.99 for its PC pre-order, already live in Blizzard’s store (Let’s be clear: as enticing as it sounds, we’re not pre-ordering. You have good will to win here, Blizz)

The Diablo IV segment, meanwhile, began with one of the most surprising announcements possible: confirmation that the next game will include a “rogue” character class even though this class has appeared in all games Diablo so far, Blizzard has at least taken advantage of this announcement by dressing it in a dark, heretical take on the archetype, with a cinematic trailer full of sin, violence, and severed ears – followed by a fast-firing gameplay montage filled with crossbow and crossbow attacks This was followed by a brief look at a character customization interface, which includes options to choose items such as ” your hero’s backstory ”“ However, Blizzard was not ready to commit to a release date window for this sequel, leaving the likelihood of a 2021 launch in the air.

Diablo II: Resurrected was far from a well-kept secret, after Blizzard announced its absorption of Activision’s longtime support studio Vicarious Visions in January This news immediately raised questions about what VV had been exploited, and Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier cited inside sources to confirm the team was assigned to the D2 remaster Moreover, VV had taken this project away from the same internal Blizzard team that brought us the utter disappointment of WarCraft III: Reforged

About Leaks: The list of announcements for BlizzCon 2021 in World of WarCraft – about Burning Crusade Classic and new Shadowlands content – appeared on Blizzard’s servers a day before the You event. can read everything here

Blizzard President J Allen Brack kicked off Friday’s video presentation by announcing Blizzard Arcade Collection, a $ 19.99 bundle containing slightly updated ports of developer’s first 16-bit console games: Lost Vikings 1 & 2, Rock ‘N Roll Racing and Blackthorne Each game benefits from the typical benefits of the classic emulation collection, like save states and visual filters, while each game benefits from its own specific tweaks (an updated map interface in Blackthorne , 16: 9 ratios and a four-player split screen in R&RR, and “combo” for the Lost Vikings games) The PC version of the collection launches today, and fans who have already purchased a “Blizzard Digital Anniversary Bundle “(mostly full of cosmetic add-ons for existing games, as part of the BlizzCon celebration, and starting at $ 20) will receive the collection as part of this purchase The collection will also arrive on the PS4, XB1 and Switch digital download stores today

Much of Hearthstone’s biggest news has already been officially revealed ahead of Friday’s presentation: a new “Core” card game, which will be available to all free-to-play card game players and players. will keep in contention during correspondence against more experienced players and expansion owners Much like WoW Classic, a card game will be retired and moved to a “Legacy” mode, so players can compete against each other in a crystallized time capsule of the state. oldest in the game But today also saw the all-new announcement of Hearthstone: Mercenaries, a brand new mode that includes “roguelike” combat scenarios and “leveling” opportunities for the mode’s cards although no gameplay in this mode is available. ‘has been shown, it certainly looks like it took inspiration from popular deckbuilder games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train.

Ahead of today’s events, Blizzard launched an Instagram account for the exclusive smartphone game Diablo Immortal, which appeared to hint at an imminent launch – and that’s not surprising, considering Blizzard has previously launched a closed alpha test of the game limited to the region on Android phones Ars Technica was invited to the test and my limited testing confirmed, among other things, a lack of gamepad support but otherwise competent introductory gameplay, if you’re ok with that. tapping a phone screen to control isometric hack-and-slash adventures, however, the limitations of the testing meant I couldn’t dive into Immortal’s approach to endgame content – and how real money and microtransactions will eventually factor into the game, as it will launch as a free title It remains to be seen if we will learn more about these aspects during the ongoing BlizzCon video presentations scheduled today and tomorrow, but as of yet, the game does not yet have an official release date in any territory.

Yet, while there was a lot of Diablo and WoW to do during today’s BlizzCon keynote, two key titles remained missing from the presentation: Overwatch (and its announced sequel) and The Delay. WarCraft III: Reforged Update Instead, Brack took to the floor after clarifying details on D2: R to steer viewers to an Overwatch 2-specific presentation later today. In addition, he said that a very small percentage of developers are working on the games featured in today’s opening speech or those that were previously announced. “A lot more people are working on the future of Blizzard,” Brack said, without going further to clarify exactly how many games, series or platforms the studio is currently focusing on behind the scenes.

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Ebene News – United States – Diablo II Resurrected topped the BlizzCon announcement

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