Ebene News – US – Director Lee Daniels discusses US vs. Billie Holiday – A virtual Q&A DGA

Legendary jazz singer finds herself under siege by the federal government in director Lee Daniels’ biopic drama The United States vs Billie Holiday

Daniels’ film follows Holiday through her career as she is the target of the Federal Department of Narcotics during an undercover operation led by black federal agent Jimmy Fletcher, with whom she had a tumultuous bond

On February 10, Daniels discussed the creation of The United States vs Billie Holiday in a virtual DGA Q&A hosted by director Michael Schultz (Woman Thou Art Loosed)

In a movie that tells the story of a musical icon, Lee talked about the challenges of filming songs in such a way that they match the character’s truth onscreen. recorded, but we had to change some of the music and do it when we were touring because the Billie we knew then was not the Billie we knew when we were touring She [actor Andra Day] evolved as Billie Holiday She was so anxious that the songs she sang – which were wonderful – for the pre-records really weren’t as evolved as they were. Also, things were happening in the scenes that would change the dynamics of the meaning of this song, so often I had to sing it live for a lot of songs “Strange Fruit” is part of it “Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer “Is another, just like” Lover Man “The producers panicked, but directing is not for the scared”

Daniels ‘other director credits include Lee Daniels’ feature films Shadowboxer, The Paperboy, and The Butler; the television film Good People; and episodes of Empire and STAR He was also nominated for a DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for his 2009 feature film Precious: Based on the Sapphire novel

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Lee Daniels, Billie Holiday, Andra Day

Ebene News – United States – Director Lee Daniels discusses the United States against Billie Holiday – A virtual Q&A DGA

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