Ebene News – US – DK Metcalf really wants to run at Olympic Games in 100m

The day after sprinting over 100 meters to turn down Budda Baker’s offer for a pick of six, DK Metcalf received an invite to prove he was more than just quick football

USA Track and Field sent tongue-in-cheek tweet encouraging Seattle Seahawks receiver to test himself against “real speed” at upcoming Olympic Trials

That jab must have stoked Metcalf’s competitive fire and rekindled his dreams of representing the US at the Olympics A few days later, Metcalf’s agent called USA Track and Field’s Adam Schmenk and revealed that his client was serious about training for the 100 meters

“The DK agent told us he really wanted to try to compete in the Olympics and asked what action he needed to take,” Schmenk told Yahoo Sports “We explained to him what the qualifying time was automatic that he should race in a USATF sanctioned event and told him we would help him find a lane if and when he wanted”

How Metcalf compares to world-class sprinters will become clearer on Sunday when he dons track spikes in a competition for the first time since high school Metcalf is one of 16 sprinters scheduled to run in the 100 meters at the USATF Golden Games and Distance Open in Walnut, Calif.

While Metcalf is undeniably one of the fastest players in the NFL, his long-range attempt to qualify for the Olympic Trials is extremely ambitious He would probably need to break 102 seconds, not easy for a man who didn’t compete in track and field in college and wasn’t a flat sprinter in high school

To automatically qualify for the Olympic Trials, Metcalf must run 1005 seconds or more with a legal tailwind of no more than two meters per second Eight Americans have already reached this deadline in the 2021 outdoor season, according to World Athletics

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The rest of the 32-player squad at the Olympic Trials will go to the fastest men who failed to pass the automatic qualifying mark In 2016, it took a time of 1016 seconds to gain a place in practice It was 1028 seconds in 2012

Oxford High School track coach Chris Bush told Yahoo Sports Metcalf didn’t show that kind of speed as a teenager Metcalf ran in the Oxford 4x100m relay and specialized in hurdles and triple jump while leading the school to four consecutive state titles from 2013 to 2016

While Metcalf was not today’s 6-foot-4, 235-pound chiseled specimen in high school, Bush still remembers him as an “intimidating force” and a “man among the boys “Metcalf typically did” low-10 splits “on his 4x100m relay leg and often blew past lesser opponents coming around the curve

On the day of the Mississippi State Meet in 2016, Bush nervously walked back and forth before the start of the 4×100-meter relay He knew Oxford had the talent to set a state record if his sprinters performed their abilities and did not abandon the witness

“DK walked over and said, ‘Look, Coach, we’ve got this Sit down and watch,” Bush recalls, laughing “They then set the state record, which they still hold. “

This is the last track competition Metcalf attended, but he has repeatedly demonstrated on the football field that he hasn’t lost a stage at the 2019 NFL Scout Combine, he ran a 433-second 40-yard scorecard – a dazzling moment for any football player, let alone a man of his size He pulled off a top speed of 2,264 miles per hour chasing Baker from behind after a Russell Wilson interception

While there is a huge leap between that and achieving the Olympic Trials, Metcalf appears to be taking the opportunity seriously. His agent called Schmenk a second time the day after the Seahawks lost in the January playoffs for him. let it be known that Metcalf had already focused on the 100 meters

“We provided them with coaches to contact if they wanted and where some of the homes in the country are located to train,” said Schmenk “Looks like he’s been to Arizona, which is one of the places we’ve suggested”

Metcalf is far from the first football player to try his hand at track and field Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Willie Gault won a bronze medal in the 110 hurdles at the 1983 world championships and a ‘gold as a member of the 4×100-meter relay Former University of Florida running back Jeff Demps was a member of the U 2012S 4×100-meter relay team at the London Olympics

Whether Metcalf enjoys this kind of success or not, his decision to go for the 100-meter is a coup for American athletics If Metcalf thrives, he’ll bring the star power to a sport that lacks well-known names in this country.If Metcalf is outclassed, it’ll remind us that the fastest men in the NFL still can’t keep pace with Noah Lyles, Trayvon Bromell and Christian Coleman

“We know these professional athletes can do superhuman things, but we also know that there is usually a difference between track speed and other speeds,” said Schmenk “We hope that DK’s presence will encourage Internet users to log on to watch”

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Ebene News – US – DK Metcalf really wants to run at the Olympics 100m

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