Ebene News – US – Everything we know about Mythra and Pyra in ‘Smash Ultimate’

The characters of Xenoblade 2 are at Smash! At the start of the highly anticipated 50 Minute Nintendo Direct on February 17, Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 were confirmed This 2-in-1 fighter will be part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s next major update as the fourth character in Fighter Pass. 2 and 79th character in the game as a whole

As the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC draws to a close, each new character is an exciting event for Nintendo Switch owners.The addition of Pyra and Mythra shows that Nintendo still has no problem subverting them. new character expectations This is what we know about them so far

The trailer for Pyra and Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on its own on YouTube, although it is part of a larger Nintendo Direct It starts with some fun bait and a switch that makes you think It teases a sequel to Xenoblade 2 It also surprises by revealing that not only Pyra, but Mythra are also playable Check it out for yourself below:

Nintendo has confirmed that the characters will be released in March This spread is typical of Nintendo, which typically reveals DLC fighters nearing launch with no release date before revealing their release time in a presentation only dedicated to the new fighter

We can probably expect this new character to join the fight in early March.This means there is only a gap of around two months between Sephiroth and these new characters, which is pretty short though. we consider the 5 months between Byleth and Min-Min and the four months between Min-Min and Steve of Minecraft Sakurai and co seem to be on a shorter timeline for DLC releases now, so hopefully we can hear about the next one by April or May!

Pyra and Mythra are two of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 They are both Aegis or legendary blades that can be wielded by the game’s main protagonist, Rex Rex has been a much-requested character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but only in-game as a Mii Fighter costume

Nintendo is subverting expectations by including Pyra and Mythra instead, especially since he’s a 2-in-1 fighter, which means he’s technically just a new fighter, but players can switch between them at any time during a fight It’s similar to how Zelda and Shiek worked in the old Smash Bros games

As mentioned, Nintendo has long, dedicated presentations for each new Smash Bros. Fighter DLC.During this presentation, which is expected to be announced soon, Sakurai will break down all of the character’s moves and everything we can expect from the character

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We’ll also find out about the major changes coming to the game in the big net update and the next Mii Fighter costume bundle. Stay tuned, the date for this presentation has yet to be revealed!


Ebene News – US – Everything we know about Mythra and Pyra in ‘Smash Ultimate’

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