Ebene News – US – Fans ‘worried’ after seeing teen singer Grace VanderWaal’s new look: ‘She’s completely changed’

The singer-songwriter, who is only 16 years old but already has a successful career under her belt, rose to fame at age 12 after performing original songs on the ukulele and resembling striking at Taylor Swift

“When I meet someone and the first thing they do is tell me about their childhood ’embarrassing’ fascination with me,” she wrote in the video before the audio don’t say: “I didn’t ask”

A video in which she synchronizes “Here” by Alessia Cara already has more than 2 million likes

TODAY IN “WHO COULD SEE THAT THIS CAME?”: Grace Vanderwaal goes viral on TikTok as many people express surprise at her new look The former America’s Got Talent contestant also shared photos on his Instagram imageTwittercom / L8Z0Z6pUS5

“She really cut her hair and changed completely,” said another, referring to the lyrics of her own songs.

Child prodigy post Grace VanderWaal joins TikTok, debuts new look that first appeared on In The Know

The Trump campaign and its allies have filed numerous error-filled lawsuits challenging election results across the country

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York have spoken to officials at the Department of Justice in Washington about whether to make a legal request for Rudy Giuliani’s emails, two people in the know said Former New York City Mayor Giuliani Is President Trump’s Personal Advocate Under Justice Department policy, prosecutors must get approval from Washington before applying to a judge to sign a search warrant for items that could be protected by solicitor-client privilege; NBC News notes that it is not known whether the approval was granted In October 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported that SDNY prosecutors were investigating Giuliani and his business dealings in Ukraine, and as part of the investigation, they reviewed Giuliani’s bank records In the same month, two of Giuliani’s associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, were arrested and charged with fraud in campaign financing. Parnas and Fruman both helped Giuliani try to dig up the dirt in Ukraine over President-elect Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden The Washington Post reported in February that prosecutors had started speaking with witnesses in an attempt to put together more documents for the investigation, and two people familiar with the matter told NBC News the investigation was ongoing, one saying it was “very activeGiuliani’s attorney Robert Costello told NBC News he had “no reason to believe the allegations that there is renewed interest in my client are trueEarlier this month, The New York Times reported that Trump spoke with advisers about granting a preemptive pardon to GiulianiMore Stories From This WeekCom Are Trump’s Worst Days Yet In Texas moves away from national immunization guidelines and will prioritize over 65 age group before essential workers release $ 2.3 trillion in government spending, COVID-19 relief package, send to office by Trump

An Arizona man and his young son were found dead at their home recently and police said it was murder / suicide On December 19, the Tucson Police Department was called for a checkup when they discovered 40-year-old Phillip Foye and his 10-year-old son Sebastian dead Officers believe father shot his son before turning the gun on him -same, by People

Monday’s statement marks the first time since 2012 that the Navy has announced the presence of a guided missile submarine in the Persian Gulf

The Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo State, which is hosting the late-stage trials of Sinovac’s CoronaVac vaccine in Brazil, said on Monday that any reports on the effectiveness of the shot ahead of Wednesday’s announcement did was “just mere speculation“Brazil is the first country to complete advanced stage trials of CoronaVac, which is also being tested in Indonesia and Turkey, the Journal reported https: // wwwwsjcom / articles / sinovacs-covid-19-vaccine-effective-demonstrated -in-the-trials-brazil-11608581330? mod = latest_headlines Test results in Brazil put CoronaVac above 50% threshold international scientists deem necessary to protect people, newspaper says

Hundreds of Russian and Rwandan soldiers rushed to the Central African Republic (CAR) to stop an alleged coup attempt, government says Troops have already started fighting rebel groups, the government said on Saturday, the CAR government accused the forces of former President François Bozize of an attempted coup after the merger of three powerful rebel groups and started advancing on the capital Bangui “Russia has sent several hundred troops and heavy weapons” under bilateral cooperation agreement, government spokesman said He added: “The Rwandans have also sent several hundred men who are on the ground and have started to fight” However, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov denied the allegations on Monday “We are not sending troops, “he said, according to the Interfax news agency Apparently the rebels are being held back from the capital On Sunday, the UN peacekeeping mission in CAR, Minusca, said the situation was “Under control” The news comes ahead of a presidential election on December 27 M Bozize was recently barred from running in Rwanda, which has at least 750 Rwandan soldiers and police serving in Minusca, said it had sent more troops in response to rebel targeting of its peacekeepers Rwandan president Paul Kagame said on Monday that Rwandan troops would not be bound by UN rules of engagement No specific details were given on the number of Rwandan soldiers who arrived on Sunday In addition, Russia has started to expand in CAR in 2017, providing weapons, contractors and mercenaries to support the besieged government in Bangui In exchange, Russian companies with ties to the Kremlin were granted rights to mine and export diamonds from the country Private security agents employed by Russian companies began to train local forces and protect President Faustin -Archangel Touadera This arrangement is believed to give Moscow considerable influence over M Touadera Moscow’s dive into CAR, one of the most fractured and war-torn nations in the world, surprised many observers and showed how Russia is trying to gain more influence and prestige in Africa This decision also alarmed France, the former colonial power of CAR, which has dominated the country for decades.Last week it emerged that France and Russia were waging a war of disinformation in CAR through online trolls Trolls of two separate influence operations, including individuals, believed to be linked to the French military, posed as residents using fake accounts Moscow has not confirmed sending troops to fight the rebels, but the Kremlin expressed “grave concern” over events in CAR

Former FDA director Dr Scott Gottlieb believes the new variant of the coronavirus found in the UK is “already in the US” and a travel ban will do nothing to prevent it from spreading around the country the mutation is up to 70% more transmissible, and because of this, more than 40 countries have banned travel to and from the UK for at least 48 hours Gottlieb told CNBC’s Shepard Smith on Monday that at this point he doesn’t think a travel ban “is going to prevent this mutated strain from entering the United States We’re going to have an epidemic that continues to get worse over the next three or four weeks, we’ll peak, and then we’ll start to see infection rates drop as vaccinations roll out.”So far there is no sign that this is a more deadly strain, and Gottlieb told Smith” the question is, is this virus going to change the surface proteins of ‘a way that may avoid previous vaccines or immunity, and there is no indication he’s doing that now. “However, Gottlieb warned that” over time he will evolve in a way that is to some extent avoided measures past infection or vaccines, so we will likely need to adjust our vaccines over timeAs the virus continues to make its way around the world, Gottlieb said, ‘we are going to start to see more of these variants, and that is why it is important to get people vaccinated and to quell these infections The more infections you have, the more likely it is that these variants will start to spread “More Stories of the Weekecom Are the worst days of the Trump presidency yet to come? Texas is moving away from national guidelines vaccination and prioritize the over-65 age group before essential workers release $ 2.3 trillion in government spending, COVID-19 relief package, sending to Trump’s office

Pope Francis appeared on Sunday to add his snuff to widespread criticism of an unorthodox nativity scene in St Peter’s Square, asking visitors to visit a nearby traditional nativity scene exhibit instead

Skylar Mack was sentenced to jail time in the Cayman Islands for breaking Covid isolation protocols His family appealed to the US government for help

A US nuclear-powered guided missile submarine crossed the strategically vital waterway between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula on Monday, the US Navy said, a rare announcement that comes amid mounting tensions with Iran’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said the Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Georgia, along with two other warships, passed through the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow passage through which a fifth of the world’s oil supplies circulated Unusual transit through the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf, aimed at underscoring US military might in the region, follows the murder last month of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, an Iranian scientist appointed by the West as head of the nuclear program dissolved military of the Islamic Republic

Texas does not plan to follow the recommendation of a federal advisory committee that essential workers and people over 75 should be next to receive COVID-19 vaccines after healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities, state health and humans department of services announced Monday Instead, people in Texas who are over 65, as well as adults of any age with certain medical conditions considered to be coronavirus co-morbidities will be given priority The ministry announcement says the decision was taken after a state-level panel of experts decided that the “most vulnerable populations” should be protected as soon as possible, although it will likely be a few weeks before the state has completed the initial phase of vaccination> Texas breaks with CDC ACIP recommendations for the next phase of prioritization of covid19 vaccines; places people 65 and those with health conditions that put them at high risk after frontline healthcare workers and residents of long-term care facilities picTwittercom / o3nDRaQpeZ >> – Meg Tirrell (@ megtirrell) December 21, 2020 There has been some debate over who should get injections next, with some data arguing clearly identifying age as one of the most important factors in the severity of the disease.But others believe that the federal recommendation is the right decision, as essential workers are at greater risk of coming into contact with the virus and do not have the luxury of working from homeMore Stories From This WeekCom Are The Worst Days Of The Trump Presidency Yet To Come? Senate clears $ 2.3 trillion in government spending, COVID-19 relief package, send it to Trump’s office Democrats wanted a tax credit for low-income families Republicans wanted tax break for 3 martini lunches

At least 25 Indian farmers have died in protests against controversial legislation, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to ease growing tensions by paying a surprise visit to a Sikh temple in New Delhi on Sunday Fourteen deaths have been attributed to exposure to the cold, as around 500,000 farmers – most of whom are Sikhs – continue to sleep in their tractors and block roads outside Delhi, despite temperatures dropping to 3C the night Ten deaths were in traffic accidents as farmers traveled to Delhi from the surrounding states of Punjab and Haryana, while a prominent Sikh priest in Haryana committed suicide in protest against the new legislation Farmers say they will continue to occupy the streets, continually disrupting food supplies in the Indian capital, until farm bills are repealed On Monday, protesting farmers go on a one-day hunger strike, while union leaders announced plans to occupy toll booths around Delhi from December 25

David Misch, 59, was arrested and charged with murder in the 1988 disappearance of 9-year-old Michaela Garecht, who disappeared from a supermarket parking lot more than three decades ago while trying to pick up a friend’s scooter, authorities say the kidnapper had approached his vehicle Misch is already serving time in prison for the murder of a Hayward woman and faces trial for the murder of two women in 1986 Michaela’s remains have still not been found

When a conservative organization this month announced plans to launch an electoral integrity operation in Georgia, the group’s press release included a high-profile name: the chairman of the state Republican Party Less than a week later, the same group announced plans to challenge the eligibility of hundreds of thousands of Georgian voters.For Democrats in the State and advocates of the right to vote, it was a verification of this that they had long supported – that Georgia’s GOP support efforts to suppress voting in one of the country’s most recent political battlegrounds

House leader Kevin McCarthy said on Sunday all members of the House Intelligence Committee should receive a confidential FBI briefing on Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a suspected Chinese spy McCarthy received a briefing at the door on Friday FBI closed on Swalwell’s close ties to Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese intelligence agent, and later said he believed Swalwell should not be on the House Intelligence Committee“I’m going to ask that every member of the House Intelligence Committee receive the exact same FBI briefing as I do,” McCarthy told Fox News Sunday. “Because if this individual is on this committee – Eric Swalwell – he must know the context of what happened I can’t speak to the closed game, but you know what’s in the press “” Nobody in that room could come out and say Eric Swalwell should be a part of the intelligence committee, “McCarthy said of the briefing “I don’t know – they had already had a briefing in 2015 and I don’t know what that briefing looked like compared to this one, but it couldn’t have been the same” Between 2011 and 2015, Fang developed close ties with Swalwell, pooling donations for the future lawmaker and even placing an intern in his officeSince Swalwell’s ties to Fang came to light earlier this month, Republicans on the Intelligence Committee have demanded answers, with some even calling for an investigation and that he be immediately removed from the committee in order to deprive him of access to classified information that comes with membership in the high-level panel Fang, which reportedly acted at the behest of China’s State Security Ministry, helped raise funds for Swalwell’s re-election campaign in 2014 and helped place at least one intern in the California Democrat’s officeFang also had romantic or sexual relationships with at least two mayors in the Midwest over a three-year span Swalwell, who married shortly after in 2016, declined this week to answer whether his relationship with Fang was sexual or romantic in natureIn 2015, federal investigators informed Swalwell of their concerns about Fang, at which point he says he severed all ties with her.However, Swalwell’s brother and father remained connected with Fang on Facebook, Swalwell said on Tuesday that he had not done any wrongdoing and said he was convinced the controversy would not threaten his seat on the House Intelligence Committee.”The only response I got from this briefing was that there was no way Eric Swalwell could continue to serve on the Intelligence Committee,” McCarthy added, noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, should remove Swalwell from the committee if he refuses to resign down

To create the home of her dreams, Love drew inspiration from New York’s industrial past with a hint of the American West that originally appeared on Architectural Digest

Grace VanderWaal

Ebene News – USA – Fans are “worried” after seeing teen singer Grace VanderWaal’s new look: “She’s completely changed”

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