Ebene News – US – He might have a giveaway, but Justin Ahrens’ three-point success on set comes from hard work

Justin Ahrens was not happy after Ohio State’s No 4 game last Saturday against Indiana As the little junior forward was happy that the Buckeyes won 78-59, the sixth consecutive result of the team, he did not like his contributions

Ahrens, as anyone who watches Scarlet and Gray regularly knows, is an offensive player Ohio State’s main three-point threat While Ahrens’ defense has improved since his first season, his forces a and continues to stretch the defense and score points from the outside Of his 101 shots this year from the court, only three have come from two points

That’s why after scoring just five points and shooting 1 of 4 from the court in the win over the Hoosiers, his worst production since early January, Ahrens was back on the pitch from the post-game talks. of Ohio State were full in the locker room and he did not leave until almost 40 minutes after the end of the match

As reporters sat by the court, participating in Zoom talks with forward Judge Sueing, center Zed Key – who both performed well against IU – and head coach Chris Holtmann, Ahrens returned to the pitch with a student manager He spent over half an hour taking photos from all angles, sweating after 20 minutes of play and being frustrated when he missed it

After a hit that rang out across the front of the rim, Ahrens looked up at the ceiling of the Value City Arena, spread his arms and screamed. He was frustrated with his shot, just as he l was during the match

“He’s always been one of our hardest workers,” the head coach said of Ahrens “He’s had one of the best summers, as I mentioned, that we have had and have seen a child recently He had a great off season; he had a great summer so I think this thread and work ethic continued “

This season Ahrens has been one of the best three-pointers in the country The junior shoots a career-best 469% behind the three-point line, the best of the team other than rookie Meechie Johnson, who reached 55, 6 percent of his three pointers but has just nine attempts Ahrens has made three points in all but three games this year and, depending on how he ends the year, could set a one-season record for three point shooting

This means Ahrens has made progress on the scout report and opposing teams are focusing on shutting him down in an attempt to stop him from taking and making three-point shots.

“He’s getting a lot of attention right now,” Holtmann continued. “He’s usually hugged where teams fly against him so he needs to be able to respond to that in the right way and in some case that means he won’t have so many clean looks But his work ethic is good, really good “

Ahrens’ shooting ability is something that comes a bit naturally His brother, Kyle, shot almost 40 percent from behind the three-point line in his senior season at Michigan State The short shot just in the family But it’s like the 40 minutes Ahrens put in after the Indiana game that made him one of the best shooters in college basketball this year.

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And if he continues to take down three-pointers and help the Buckeyes win games as the regular season ends and the Scarlet and Gray reach the tournament, it will be because of the work he implements when the cameras are off and few people are watching

“He won’t have a lot of clean appearance He will have some He has to find some in transition He has to find some ball movement in general He has to stay aggressive,” said Holtmann “He will shoot some semi -disputed, and that’s the freedom I want him to have right now I don’t want him to shoot all of them to be challenged, but there are some that are going to be challenged and a guy like him proved he deserved the freedom to shoot some of them”

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Ebene News – United States – He Might Have A Gift, But Three-Way Shooting Success Justin Ahrens points comes from hard work

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