Ebene News – US – How Alex Ovechkin’s defense proved to be a key factor in the Capitals’ victory over the penguins

How Ovechkin’s defense proved to be a key factor in the victory over Penguins originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Alex Ovechkin is the type of player who can change a game, but it’s usually on the offensive side of the ice. Whether it’s from a goal or a good play to establish a goal, Ovechkin usually counts a game because of his offense. In Tuesday’s 3-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ovechkin again had the game on his stick only this time around, he came into the defensive end of the ice.

As Washington led 1-0 in second time, the Penguins got a 2-1 opportunity as Pierre-Olivier Joseph came out of the penalty box in the race with Brandon Tanev Joseph managed to get a pass through John Carlson looking for Tanev at the back gate, but an Ovechkin diver managed to put his stick on the puck and break the pass

“That part of the game, a goal the other way around would be pretty devastating, especially with four straight losses and your captain comes out and takes every step” TJ Oshie said “I was skating as hard as I could and I couldn’t. not make it and [Ovechkin] found a way to show up up there, dive in and play”

Beyond the effect a game like this can have on the scoreboard in a close game, it also has a huge boost for the team and momentum when it comes. Captain’s When the player playing this game wears the C on their chest, it just means more

Washington would continue to score on the counterattack with Oshie setting Jakub Vrana up to 2-0 It’s a two-goal swing thanks to Ovechkin as he not only stopped Tanev from scoring, but also set up the rush to Vrana

While the Caps had played well thus far, the game was still a one-goal game and very up for grabs Pittsburgh was starting to press for a tie and head coach Peter Laviolette noted that the Penguins had already was able to defend several times in the match

It took a number of key defensive plays for Washington to stay in control and Ovechkin’s turned out to be one of the most important

“They followed us a few times during the period,” Laviolette said. “So we push to score and I think that happens when you push into the attacking zone And especially when a team is behind, they’ll start to get the guys out of the zone and so they grabbed us Even though we’re on the power play there they’re still behind us I thought Ovi did a great job coming back and worked hard to play on the defense of the match So right now it was a great game “

Ovechkin didn’t register an assist on the game, but it’s a goal that doesn’t come without his backcheck

“I think all the guys on the bench and certainly all the guys on the ice after we crossed the line came back and shouted a little ‘O’ over there and told him that was it him, “Oshie said

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Ebene News – United States – How Alex’s Defense Ovechkin was a key factor in the capitals’ victory over the penguins

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