Ebene News – US – IAC announces its intention to seal Vimeo

IAC, the internet holding company chaired by media mogul Barry Diller, told shareholders on Tuesday that it intends to create the Vimeo video service

Why it matters: This is the second big company IAC started this year, after doing so with dating company Match Group in July 15-year-old Vimeo started as a platform for independent filmmakers, and now mainly earns money selling corporate video software to companies

Details: The effort comes months after Vimeo raised $ 150 million from outside investors to boost the software licensing business launched in 2018 The enterprise software licensing business that contributed much of the company’s growth was launched in 2019

Overview: The IAC’s guide is to grow the businesses within its portfolio group and run them for greater value as they mature There have been reports that IAC also plans to create ANGI Homeservices, which houses Angie’s list

What They Say: “The combination of Vimeo’s remarkable growth, strong leadership position and huge market opportunity has clearly shown its future,” said Joey Levin, CEO of IAC. it’s time for Vimeo to spread its wings and become a large independent public company “

Anthony Fauci, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar and Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins publicly received the Moderna coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday

Why it matters: This is part of a larger government effort to televise senior officials receiving the COVID-19 vaccine to boost public confidence Fauci, Azar and Collins are the first public figures to receive the Moderna vaccine, which was cleared for emergency use last week by the FDA

Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona has accepted President-elect Joe Biden’s offer to become secretary of the Department of Education, people familiar with the matter say

Why it matters: Cardona will be tasked with leading the reopening of schools across the country, which Biden has pledged to do in his first 100 days as president if Congress helps with financial backing

The conservative media company that owns BlazeTV has quietly built a massive subscriber base, a direct threat to any digital TV effort launched by President Trump and his allies, sources at Axios say

By the Numbers: Blaze Media – which was formed as a result of the 2018 merger between The Blaze, a pay-TV network founded by Glenn Beck, and CRTV, an online subscription network that owns Conservative Review – now has 450,000 paid BlazeTV subscribers, paying an average of $ 102 per year

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Ebene News – US – IAC announces its intention to split up Vimeo

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