Ebene News – US – Kundali Bhagya February 17, 2021 Written update: Karan and Preeta have a romantic moment

The next episode of Kundali Bhagya, which airs on February 17th, begins with Preeta applying haldi to Karan while Jaan Ban Gaye’s song plays in the background Karan confesses to Preeta that she has him. missed They both wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day Later Rakhi calls Karan but to no avail Karan teases Preeta while Rakhi meets Mahesh Scroll down to read the written update of Kundali Bhagya episode of February 17th

As Rakhi talks about Karan’s depressed state with Mahesh, Sameer watches him from the doorway Later, to talk about Karan and Preeta’s patch, he makes a video call to Srishty and Srishty becomes curious. why Sameer calls her on Valentine’s Day After a chat joke, Srishty calls Sameer and reveals that Karan messed up with Preeta and that Preeta will be back in the Luthra house soon. Later, Srishty decides to shoot Karan and Preeta’s leg and get revenge on them for confusing everyone

On the other side, Preeta asks Karan to leave as he has to come in the morning Karan rejects Preeta’s suggestion and begins to make excuses to stay However, Preeta disputes his apology with facts Karan gets angry and confesses that he can’t stay in his room without her The Sajda song plays in the background Meanwhile, Srishty knocks on the room and Preeta hides Karan behind the bed Srishty makes various excuses when inspecting the room

As Srishty confirms that Karan is in the room, she leaves Later Sammy calls her to suggest that she not disturb Karan and Preeta When Srishty talks about Preeta’s happiness, Sammy mentions how her voice changes when she is Casually happy Srishty asks if he’s going to propose Sammy gets furious and disconnects the call after saying she wasn’t his type As the episode progresses Sammy decides to propose Srishty D ‘on the other hand, Karan teases Preeta and they both sleep on the same bed

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Kundali Bhagya, Karan Luthra, Dr Preeta Arora, Zee TV, February 17, 2021

Ebene News – US – Kundali Bhagya February 17, 2021 written update: Karan and Preeta have a romantic moment

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