Ebene News – US – Kundali Bhagya February 18, 2021 Written update: Kareena chokes a curse on Preeta

The next episode of Kundali Bhagya, which airs on February 18, begins with the romantic jokes of Karan and Preeta Later the duo worship and Thodi Der play in the background However, Preeta screams when she sees a lizard on a wall Sarla and Janki come out to check on Srishty, who knows Karan is inside, tries to trick them, but to no avail Meanwhile, Preeta asks Karan to hide Scroll down to read the bet written update of Kundali Bhagya episode of February 18

As Sarla and Janki assume that a thief has entered their home, they prepare to catch him Srishty sees Karan hiding behind the door Later Sarla and Janki inspect the room Janki catches Karan but the secret guard of Sarla Sarla leaves and Janki teases Karan The next day Karan comes to Arora house and extends her Valentine’s Day wishes to everyone with a red rose

Karan and Preeta leave the Arora house Meanwhile, in Luthra’s mansion, Kareena and Daadi talk about the Elder’s friend, who is in a depression Rakhi joins them, but Kareena subtly mocks her More late Karan enters with Preeta and Kareena arrests them When Kareena reminds Karan what Preeta did at Krithika’s wedding, Daadi suggests that maybe Preeta called Karan to look for her However, Karan reveals that he went alone to pick up Preeta

As the argument progresses, Rakhi jumps in to broadcast it She asks Preeta and Karan to go to their room and have a rest Preeta takes everyone’s blessings and later walks with Karan in their bedroom Meanwhile, Kareena says that as Preeta ruined her daughter’s life, she has no right to put happiness in her Daadi accepts but asks him to calm down

As the episode progresses, Sammy meets Karan and Preeta and teases them He leaves after a while and Karan and Preeta also head to their room Meanwhile, Mahira sees this and rushes over to inform Sherlyn Sherlyn reminds her of how she acted last night and warns her to watch her tongue next time

Sherlyn leaves and Mahira claims she’s all alone now Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta have fun joking As the episode draws to a close, Karan asks Preeta to confess how she feels

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Ebene News – United States – Kundali Bhagya February 18, 2021 written update: Kareena chokes a curse on Preeta

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