Ebene News – US – MAP: Public safety alert issued after the discovery of a potential explosive near the construction site of Line 3

PERCH LAKE TOWNSHIP, MN – Bomb squad responds after protest at Fond du Lac reserve, near Line 3

According to the Carlton County Sheriff, around noon Friday, officers responded to protest activity blocking Ditchbank Road

As the protesters were leaving, the Carlton County 911 Dispatch service received a call, saying three people had thrown suspicious packages

The Carlton County Sheriff’s Office responded, along with the Cloquet Area Fire District, the MN Criminal Arrest Office and the MN Department of Natural Resources

People near the area have asked to evacuate for safety reasons Perch Lake Town Hall is being used as a shelter

A public safety alert has been fixed This now only applies to residents of County Carlton

Today, workers on the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project observed a group of protesters, one of whom threw a suspicious device at the construction site The protesters then rushed to move away from places

Our employees reported the incident to local authorities and were evacuated from the site while emergency responders investigate

Protesters should know that actions that put people at risk will be continued and that we are working with police and other authorities to keep workers safe

PERCH LAKE TOWNSHIP, MN – A public safety alert was issued after a potential explosive device was issued in Perch Lake Township, according to town president

City President Gary Harms says the possible device was found near the Enbridge Line 3 construction site on Ditch Bank Road

According to the public safety alert, authorities are intervening in the area west of Cloquet and north of Big Lake, between Mission Road and Enger / Cary Rd

AFTERNOON / TONIGHT: This afternoon we will see mostly sunny skies and mild conditions Tonight we will have partly cloudy skies The lows will be in single digits above and below zero Winds…

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Ebene News – United States – MAP: public safety alert issued after the discovery of a potential explosive near the construction site of Line 3

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