Ebene News – US – NBA Betting Guide for 3/31/21: 3 Over / Unders Who Look Like Winners

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NBA betting can get a bit overwhelming throughout the season as there are games every day, and there is just a lot to follow throughout the season and enter every night – spreads, over / under, injuries, etc.

But you can count on numberFire to help you out.We have a detailed betting algorithm that projects the games to see how often certain bet lines are hitting, and our oddsFire section of the site allows you to follow the movement in those lines and to see where the action comes from on particular games

Where does our algorithm, power rankings, and betting trends identify the value of tonight’s matches? (All FanDuel Sportsbook ratings)

These two teams met on March 3, a game in which the Brooklyn Nets won 132-114 (for a total of 246 points) over the Houston Rockets. The Nets maintained an offensive rating of 1344, and the Rockets were at 1161

Kevin Durant did not play in this game and remains out for the Nets, for what it’s worth

In games without Durant but with Kyrie Irving and James Harden, the Nets have an offensive rating of 1209, so they won’t have much problem scoring (or allowing points)

Overall, the Nets have topped their opponent’s defensive rating in 745% of games this season, the second-highest rate in the NBA

The Rockets, of course, are a struggling offense and have an offensive rating of 1038 in the last 15 games to place 29th in the NBA but will get a boost against a far below par defense

Our algorithm is looking for this match to hit the top (2305 points) again tonight, rating it as a two out of five star recommendation Our algo sees the over 609% chance of happening

Another promising aspect is this one in Chicago Bulls’ game to Phoenix Suns at 2,175 points Our algorithm also rates this as a two out of five star recommendation and considers the most a 602% chance of happening

The median score projected in this one is 11,493 to 10,753 for Suns, for a total of 2,225, a full 50 points above the displayed total

The Bulls could be without Zach LaVine, which is questionable, but their full-season divisions without him are not super applicable due to the recent addition of Nikola Vucevic

The betting trends are in full agreement with the most in this game, as we see 73% of the tickets placed on top – and 76% of the money as well, according to oddsFire

Of note, the total is down five points (from 2,225, the exact median of our game projections) This suggests that LaVine won’t be playing, but on a tiny 15-minute sample the Bulls landed a 118 stellar8 offensive note with Vucevic and without LaVine

We did two overs; now is the time for a sub in this game which should be a scorecard but ultimately has an 8 5 point gap in favor of the visiting Milwaukee Bucks

The reason for this strong spread is that the Los Angeles Lakers are without LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Without those two on the ground, the Lakers have an offensive rating of just 1,000 over 655 minutes For the prospect, the worst offense of the full season has an offensive rating of 1038 Their defensive rating is also a big 1035 in this sample They can really keep the dots off the board on both sides

The Bucks are fifth in the Offensive of the Year ranking at 1164 and are at 1145 in their last 15 games, which is a strong rating that ranks 12th but is by no means a value Outlier on the plus side They outclassed their opponent’s defensive rating in 609% of their plays This is a top seven rate but – again – not much of an outlier

We are also seeing some smart money on this sub: although only 46% of the total bets are on the underside, there has been 60% of the money wagered on this game to stay shy of 2220

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Ebene News – US – NBA Betting Guide for 3/31/21: 3 Over / Unders who look like winners

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