Ebene News – US – No good circumstances, but Trask is the guy you want at QB

Florida would certainly love to have the four starting wide receivers in All-Americans tight end Kyle Pitts, and wide receiver Kadarius Toney with fellow starting receivers Trevon Grimes and Jacob Copeland, but that doesn’t not happening wednesday night What the Gators have is possibly the best quarterback in terms of playing defense and pitch they’ve had in about 25 years and there’s probably no one there. else in America, head coach Dan Mullen and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson would like to lead their team on the field in Dallas as senior Kyle Trask

Trask threw for 4,125 yards and 43 touchdowns in 11 games in 2020 He set many school and conference records along the way But he also threw 34 of those 43 touchdowns at Pitts, Toney, Grimes and Copeland

He’s never been the type to back down from a challenge and he’s definitely got a Wednesday night He’s going to have to play at the same level he’s been playing all year, but he’s also going to have to find a way to do it. react to the young people around him and play at a level they have never played

His entire football career has been a challenge He arrived every day ready to compete as he spent 6 years in high school and college waiting for or a chance to start and prepare each day just for do it

“He’s the guy who to get to this point in his career, he’s shown what he is,” Mullen said on Tuesday of Trask. “He’s a guy who fought, was in high school and they had another quarterback so they were only able to play part-time in his high school He didn’t let that dissuade him He wasn’t looking to get out of school immediately, transfer, go somewhere else

“He came to college, had the opportunity to come and play in Florida, was on the bench and didn’t really enter the field until after he graduated, but took the opportunity.

“And now he’s a guy going from a guy who didn’t play football in high school to a Heisman Trophy finalist It just shows the character he’s got You never wanna rely on him anything

Mullen needs a leader on the field Wednesday night Of course there are receivers like Justin Shorter and Xzavier Henderson and tight ends like Kemore Gamble and Keon Zipperer who have all had a great time on the field this fall, but there will be others who have little to no time because that is where the Gators are with the pass catchers for this contest

Mullen wants Trask to be a leader and to continue to set the example he has always set Some of these guys are going to have this opportunity that Trask suddenly had a year ago and they have a chance to take advantage of it

“I think he has done an amazing job running our program since the day he entered the field about a year and a half – a little over a year and a half ago,” said Mullen “I think he’s a great role model for all young football players, but I think a great role model for the people in life on how to prepare, how to work, how to put themselves in a position to be successful And when the opportunity arises, you are ready and not looking for the easiest route, the shortest route or the quickest route

“The path to success is to sit and work, devote your time and prepare and when your time is called, you are ready for it”

So for Mullen there is no other player he would want at the helm of the attack to end up in a situation like this And he answered if Trask was the perfect guy for this moment

“I think this is a guy that you are looking at and looking for the opportunity for him to get into this game… I know he’s excited… to go play. He’s such a competitor and l opportunity to go play against a great team from Oklahoma

“So when you say ‘perfect guy’ he’s a guy you want to lead. Whether you’re playing football in Oklahoma or in a corporate sales meeting, he’s the type of guy. that you want to lead your organization

“I think everything that has led to this moment, even his life, shows his character, the type of person he is and why he is the team captain for us”

Trask will play in his home state of Texas He was here earlier in the year when the Gators lost a three-point game to Texas A&M by a basket with time running out of the clock He has a chance to correct this moment He will have lots of family and friends in the stands and now is the time to go out on the best possible note

“So we got together and I know he’s excited to go play in the game,” Mullen said. “He worked his end to get the opportunity to go play I know people are watching things and say, okay, we’re at the Cotton Bowl and it’s a big, big game You know what? As competitors they want to play big games I know he’s a competitor and he’s really excited to play this game “

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Ebene News – US – These are not good circumstances, but Trask is the guy you want at QB

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