Ebene News – US – Oscar Robertson dismisses Russell Westbrook’s criticism: ‘Players don’t win championships on their own’

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Oscar Robertson and Wizards star Russell Westbrook have more in common than singles triple-doubles For years Robertson was criticized for playing for a losing team He spent the first decade of his career with the Cincinnati Royals to lose to Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics and Wilt Chamberlain’s Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs This has given him a reputation as a losing player, someone capable of making big numbers but not leading a team to league glory. Robertson only made it to the top of the mountain after being traded to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Milwaukee Bucks, and this criticism has mostly subsided thereafter.

But Robertson sees Westbrook taking a similar path with no end-of-career trade looming on the horizon to change that.In an interview with Marc Stein of the New York Times, he lamented the idea that the media sportspeople criticize Westbrook for not winning a championship because championships are won by teams, not players

“I think it’s ridiculous that some sports writers criticize him for not winning a championship,” said Robertson “Players don’t win championships alone You have to have good management You have to be with the right group of players “

While Robertson is right, it should be noted that his situation and Westbrook’s are not exactly the same During Robertson’s entire tenure with the Royals, only two of his teammates have won All-NBA Jack Twyman honors. did it once, and Jerry Lucas did it five times It might sound impressive, but remember, there were a lot fewer teams in Robertson’s day, so making the All-NBA wasn’t not as impressive It would have been very disappointing to have only two teammates in ten years in Cincinnati

Westbrook played with two full MVPs, Kevin Durant and James Harden Paul George finished third in one of his seasons alongside Westbrook In fact, you could argue that outside of his 2016 MVP season -17, Westbrook was never even the best player on his own team Bradley Beal holds this distinction now in Washington

This extra talent has helped Westbrook move closer to the title a few times He reached the final in 2012 and came close to coming back in 2016 But these teams lost in part due to Westbrook’s own flaws as a player in the season. last, for example, the Los Angeles Lakers refused to defend him on the perimeter Instead, use the extra defender to pass James Harden and force the ball out of his hands They could do it because of Westbrook’s poor shot. , who pursued him throughout his career Westbrook turned the ball over 15 times in the last three games of the 2016 Western Conference Finals in which his Thunder took a 3-1 lead

None of this suggests that Westbrook’s flaws make him incapable of winning a championship.It just means that getting around his flaws is very difficult to do on the championship scene, and that makes him less valuable than some of his stats count suggest it might be The triple-double average is incredibly impressive, but we know enough about basketball in 2021 to know that it doesn’t make a player as complete as he conceptually seems. Westbrook is very, very good at some parts of basketball He is not as good at other areas

As Robertson says, players don’t win championships on their own Westbrook has never found an organization capable of putting a championship team around him.But depending on the caliber of players he’s played with, not for lack of trying Westbrook, unlike Robertson, spent their prime on some very good teams These teams lost partly because of Westbrook, partly because of their own faults and partly because of the strength of their opponents This shouldn’t take away the notable parts of Westbrook’s game, but it shouldn’t be ignored entirely, either.

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Ebene News – United States – Oscar Robertson dismisses Russell Westbrook’s criticism: “ The players do not win championships on their own ‘

Source: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/oscar-robertson-dismisses-criticism-of-russell-westbrook-players-dont-win-championships-by-themselves/