Ebene News – US – Quin Snyder recounts Utah Jazz’s ‘traumatic and disturbing’ flight to Memphis

(Carlos Osorio | AP) Utah Jazz goalie Donovan Mitchell (45) goes to the sidelines to speak with head coach Quin Snyder during the second half of a NBA basketball against the Detroit Pistons, Sunday, January 10 January 2021 in Detroit

“One of the engines has blown up, and there’s a point – in this case, probably a 10 or 15 minute window – where the pilots assess the situation, and no one really knows what’s going on”

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Such was the terrifying situation the Utah Jazz encountered on Tuesday afternoon when its charter plane to Memphis struck a flock of birds, tearing one of the plane’s engines to pieces and forcing the flight to make an emergency return to Salt Lake City International Airport

Jazz coach Quin Snyder has spoken at length about the heartbreaking incident on Wednesday afternoon, less than an hour and a half before the team decided against the Grizzlies

Snyder preceded his comments by noting: “The most important thing, of course, is that everything turned out, we are safe”

Which, of course, doesn’t diminish how they were all feeling at the time while juxtaposing that with the team’s naturally tense mood as the situation unfolded

“The pilots – you get an appreciation for their expertise and their training and everything they do to keep us all safe,” Snyder said “… They go through their various protocols and checklists, and while this is happening you are in limbo And it is a traumatic and weird feeling “

These tense and uncertain times, he added, couldn’t help but have the effect of making everyone involved better appreciate the people and relationships in their lives.

Snyder said the team met on Wednesday morning to give everyone involved a chance to work on their lingering emotions

“I don’t know if an experience like this has suddenly passed and gone. Everyone is affected in different ways, all very significant,” he said. “And it wasn’t something that we were going to solve by just talking about everything, but I think it was important to recognize what we all went through [Tuesday], and, really, that same feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the fragility we all live with, sometimes without realizing it “

After waiting a few hours at the airport for a replacement plane to arrive, the Jazz finally made it to Memphis on Tuesday evening

Well, everyone except All-Star Guard Donovan Mitchell Shortly after their second plane took off, the Jazz announced that Mitchell would miss the game, that he was not with the team for personal reasons

The exact nature of these “personal reasons” is not publicly known However, the guard has already been outspoken about his fear of theft, so it is fair to wonder if Tuesday’s incident has caused it. temporarily shaken

When asked if Snyder was asked if there were fears that the combination of Mitchell’s aviophobia and Tuesday’s plane incident could impact Mitchell’s future willingness to fly with the team, the coach politely hesitated

“I never comment on personal situations with any of our players,” he said, “and I hope you can respect that”

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Ebene News – United States – Quin Snyder recounts Utah Jazz’s “traumatic and disturbing” flight to Memphis

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