Ebene News – US – Retired MLB player Johnny Damon, his wife accused of fighting with a cop during a DUI traffic stop in central Florida

WINDERMERE, Fla – Johnny Damon, a retired Major League Baseball player and native of Orlando, was released from jail Friday afternoon after he and his wife were charged with wrestling with an officer at a DUI traffic stop in Windermere

“The jail sucks, the handcuffs are worse,” Damon said as he left Orange County jail on Friday afternoon

Upon releasing the former professional athlete, an unidentified man urged Damon not to speak with the media; however, he spoke briefly

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“I’m still responsible for my actions and we’ll see what happens soon,” Damon said “But, I’ll be honest with you and I’ll always be responsible and like I said, I would never step up , my relatives or anyone in danger by driving a vehicle So, I apologize and hope I can answer more questions later “

“Yeah, you know, uh, you know that’s something else I can’t talk about because she shouldn’t have been with me,” Damon said

According to Orange County Jail records, Damon, 47, was arrested by Windermere Police and charged with DUI and resisting a non-violent officer around 8:15 amm Friday His wife, Michelle Mangan-Damon, 45, faces charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence

Records show that a Windermere policeman spotted Damon’s Lincoln SUV at around 1:30 a.m. Friday drifting into the lane on Conroy Windermere Road, crossing the lines and hitting a sidewalk in the area

Police say they arrested Damon at Chase Road and Bridgehouse Road, near the gated residential entrance to the Lake Butler Sound subdivision

Damon and Mangan-Damon both exited the SUV as the officer approached, despite his orders to stay in the vehicle, affidavit says They eventually got back into the SUV

Police said they asked Damon why he and his wife got out of the vehicle and his response was, “Uh, because we saw you following us” The officer then explained that he was checking truck and the records show Damon’s response was, “What road stop? “

Damon was reportedly unsteady on his feet, interfering with his words and smelling of alcohol. He admitted he had “just a little” to drink by making a little pinching motion with his fingers, according to the report

Records show that as the officer explained the traffic violations he witnessed before the stop, Mangan-Damon got out of the vehicle again and said she didn’t need to listen. the officer who told him to get back in the SUV

The officer approached Mangan-Damon, then Damon walked as well as he was told to stay on the other side of the vehicle, at which point the officer grabbed Damon by wrist and pulled it back to the driver’s side, then the officer grabbed Mangan-Damon by the wrist and told him to stop, according to the report

Police said Mangan-Damon told the officer not to touch her and began to walk away, which was when Damon approached again as the officer attempted pull Mangan-Damon and in return, Mangon-Damon grabbed the officer’s left arm as he walked away and pushing

The report states that Damon also “got caught up” in the situation Mangon-Damon then broke away from the officer and started walking towards the community guard post

The officer called for backup, then returned to Damon, pushed him against the vehicle and handcuffed him, but during the process he continued to reach out and pull his arm away, according to the ‘affidavit The second officer arrived at the scene secured Mangon-Damon

Records show that at one point during the fight, the officer’s body camera fell and landed face up on the ground

Once Damon was brought to safety, he told the officer, “I’m a good guy (expletive)” and made other comments about the current political climate that were not detailed in the report

Police said Damon claimed he and his wife had been at ‘London House’, which he described as: ‘He’s a guy with a lot of money for uh I don’t know not take care of the taxes so it’s uh, we were just having a good time there, ”according to the affidavit

Records show Damon agreed to perform a field sobriety test, which he failed, telling the officer he was “a big boy”

Damon was taken to a DUI testing center and had two breathalyzer tests around 3.30amm, which gave results of 030 and 0294, according to affidavit The legal limit in Florida is 08

Damon, a graduate of Doctor Phillips High School, played for several MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox, and won a World Series championship in 2004

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Johnny Damon

Ebene News – United States – Retired MLB player Johnny Damon, wife accused of fighting with a cop during arrest DUI traffic in Central Florida

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