Ebene News – US – Stream It Or Skip It: “Sonic the Hedgehog” on Amazon Prime, in which Jim Carrey launches out with a reasonably fun video game adaptation

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Now on Amazon Prime Video, Sonic the Hedgehog is a white tiger in the wild: A watchable video game-based movie The genre has been a boil on the butt of film art for decades, dating back to the Super Mario Bros. Abomination from 1993, through a cruddy Mortal Kombats coupla, deeply disappointing Tomb Raiders, one mediocre less Resident Evil after another and far too many heinous outings at Uwe Boll I’m trying to think of a decent solution – Final Fantasy does it still hold up well? What are the chances that someone has watched Rampage more than once? Will I ever be sensitive to Detective Pikachu’s troubles? Hell, the Sufficiently Digestible Sonic just might be the best video game movie of all time The bar’s low, my friends

The Gist: Intro: a framing device I’ll skip it I doubt it’s worth going into THEN Once upon a time there was this space thing called Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Ben Schwartz) vworped through a portal ring of his planet far, far away from Earth, and was hiding from people, because he looked like a cartoon character and everyone else was made of solid, tangible material He can run like the fools, just really real fast, faster than Superman maybe I don’t know, but it might be interesting to see someday if the rights attorneys can fix the problem He lives near Green Falls, MT a sleepy town where chief cop Tom (James Marsden) sits at a speed trap exploding a turtle with his radar Sonic enjoys playing with the guy he calls Donut Lord, overtaking him at 300 mph shoulders and responds to an emergency call regarding a stolen bagel The perp is a can ard Are we all still having a dip?

Sonic spends his days watching Tom and his wife Maddie (Tika Sumpter), but in an innocent way because he’s too naive to know it’s scary, and in a lonely way because he’s considers them friends even though they don’t know he exists He has a little hole he lives in where he reads Flash comics and plays ping pong with himself, but that’s not enough Sonic activates one night and unintentionally unleashes a blast of blue energy that blackens a significant portion of the Pacific Northwest as well as all of the satellites above it. The shit folks want to know what the shit happened, so they call a fool named Dr Robotnik (Jim Carrey), who seems like the last guy in the US the government would hire, but only if you didn’t. have not paid much attention to the functioning of the US government

Sonic knows he’s in trouble, and just as he’s about to vworp through another ring portal to a mushroom planet, Tom interrupts and transforms the poor little dude and he loses all of his vworping rings. , thus forcing Tom to A) accept the fact that Sonic is a space hedgehog that exists and is not hallucinating, which is extremely easy for him, and B) road trip with Sonic to San Francisco to go searching for the rings, which is not at all easy, oh no, as Robotnik is a hyperintelligent maniac who hums Ride of the Valkyries to summon his army of drones to hover by his side and hunt his prey Pursuits ensue L plot really that simple? Yep, because it’s a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and if you really care about Tom’s arc, in which he desires to be more than a bored cop in a sleepy turtle town, you are watching for all. the wrong reasons

Which movies will he remind you of ?: Sonic is less boring than Detective Pikachu, and a lot less boring than The Angry Birds Movie – praise, I know, but less in the genre context

Performance to watch: In a cartoon, Carrey hits CG Sonic in the opening seconds of the first round His facial contortions and screw-line readings are more than ever informed by Daffy Duck (well, almost, he says in remembering Fire Marshall Bill) Without him this movie is a dry pancake

Our take: Carrey is so funny in this movie that you’ll forgive him for otherwise gossiping about the value of camaraderie and the need to find your niche, etc. He enjoys a tumultuous streak in which Robotnik dances to the Poppy family’s Where Evil Grows – a completely forgotten 60s psych-pop gem – in his high-tech bad-guy HQ, and he fuses Carrey’s comedic gifts so immensely. With the character’s depth- sitting quirk, one can’t help but wonder what Sonic might be like if he kissed such eccentricity more frequently

But alas, this is a mid-to-large budget family movie based on a popular game franchise, so its appeal has to be calculated by conservative marketing algorithms so that it doesn’t offer anything too much beyond that. the likely expectations of the target audience Art is not the goal, as evidenced by the semi-rampant product placement (beer brand, restaurant chain, etc.) existing just below the ubiquitous product placement of the game franchise itself and so Carrey is given a long leash while Marsden and the character of Sonic offer a lovable sweetness in the service of moderately exciting action sequences, of some half-murdered platitudes and sufficient source-matter integration to satisfy purists A slight praise? Maybe But I laughed more than I expected

Our call: STREAM IT Sonic the Hedgehog is going well! Perfectly good Especially for young viewers Final count: 51 funny / 49 boring

John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan Read more about his work at johnserbaatlargecom or follow him on Twitter: @johnserba

Sonic the Hedgehog

Ebene News – US – Stream or skip it: “Sonic the Hedgehog” on Amazon Prime, in which Jim Carrey launches with an adaptation reasonably fun video game

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