Ebene News – US – Study shows promise of quantum computing using factory-made silicon chips

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March 31, 2021

by University College London

The qubit is the cornerstone of quantum computing, analogous to the bit in classical computers To perform error-free calculations, quantum computers of the future are likely to need at least millions of qubits The latest study, published in the journal PRX Quantum, suggests that these computers could be made with industrial grade silicon chips using existing manufacturing processes, instead of adopting new manufacturing processes or even newly discovered particles

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For the study, the researchers were able to isolate and measure the quantum state of a single electron (the qubit) in a silicon transistor made using “ CMOS ” technology similar to that used to make chips in computer processors

In addition, the electron’s spin has been shown to be stable for a period of up to nine seconds.The next step is to use similar manufacturing technology to show how a qubit array can interact to perform quantum logic operations

Professor John Morton (London Center for Nanotechnology at UCL), co-founder of Quantum Motion, said: “We are hacking the process of creating qubits, so the same kind of technology that makes the chip in a smartphone can be used to build quantum computers

“It has taken 70 years for the development of transistors to reach our current level in computing and we cannot spend another 70 years trying to invent new manufacturing processes to build quantum computers. millions of qubits and an ultra-scalable architecture to build them, our discovery gives us a blueprint to shorten our path to producing quantum chips on an industrial scale “

The experiments were carried out by Phré Virginia Ciriano Tejel (London Center for Nanotechnology at UCL) and colleagues working in a low temperature laboratory During operation, the chips are kept in a refrigerated state, cooled to a fraction of a degree at -above absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius)

Ms. Ciriano Tejel said: “Every physics student learns from textbooks that electrons behave like tiny magnets with strange quantum properties, but nothing prepares you for the feeling of wonder in the lab, being able to watch this ‘spin’ of a single electron with your own eyes, sometimes pointing up, sometimes pointing down It’s exciting to be a scientist trying to understand the world and at the same time be a part of development quantum computers “

A quantum computer exploits the laws of physics that are normally only visible at the atomic and subatomic level (e.g. particles can be in two places simultaneously) Quantum computers could be more powerful than supercomputers in today and capable of performing complex calculations that would otherwise be virtually impossible

Although the applications of quantum computing differ from traditional computers, they will allow us to be more precise and faster in extremely difficult areas such as drug development and the fight against climate change, as well as in more everyday problems involving a large number of variables – as in nature – such as transportation and logistics

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Ebene News – United States – Study shows promise of quantum computing using silicon chips made in factory

Source: https://phys.org/news/2021-03-quantum-factory-made-silicon-chips.html