Ebene News – US – Suzanne Somers shares rare photo of her look-alike granddaughter

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Whether she made the folks at Three’s Company laugh in the 1970s, sold ThighMasters in the 1980s or conquered a new Step by Step generation in the 1990s, Suzanne Somers is a staple of nationwide televisions for over four decades These days she sells a wide range of organic products for everything from your hair to your stomach that promote anti-aging and well-being. Somers showed off her fit physique again this week in a photo with her 25-year-old granddaughter and fellow actor Camelia Somers With the two in matching denim shorts, the family resemblance emerged As the older Somers remarked, “I’m a different kind of grandma” Read on to see Suzanne looking almost identical to her little one. -daughter, and for more famous families, see what Celine Dion’s twins look like now

This week, Suzanne posted a photo to Instagram of herself standing side by side with her granddaughter Camelia In the photo, the two women are wearing denim shorts, black belts and fuzzy shoes, and the resemblance is strange

The 74-year-old actor captioned the photo, “Who’s wearing short shorts? Pairing up with my granddaughter @cameliasomers! I’ve always said to the kids, ‘I’m a different kind of grandma!’ “

Camelia, who currently stars in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, also shared the photo on her Instagram account days earlier “I wasn’t expecting to pair up with my grandma when I put on those shorts this morning,” young Somers wrote “SHE IS HOT !!!!”

Suzanne is also the grandmother of Violet Somers, 18, and Daisy Hamel-Buffa, 26 Camelia and Violet are the daughters of Suzanne’s only son, Bruce Somers And Daisy is the husband of Suzanne, the grand- Alan Hamel’s daughter via her first marriage to Marilyn Hamel A few years ago Camelia posted this rare photo on Instagram with Violet and Daisy and their grandmother by the pool

Camelia and Violet appeared on Suzanne’s Instagram video series, promoting the actor’s organic products.Meanwhile, Daisy makes her own clothes under the Daisy World brand, which the proud grandmother also owns promoted on her Instagram

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In June 2020, Suzanne told People: “We don’t have to break down as we get older One thing I love about aging – and I love growing old – I have a wisdom that no youngster does. can buy You earn it “

Suzanne also spoke to ABC News’s Abbie Boudreau for a Good Morning America interview in January 2020, and said she felt sexier than ever. “I feel sexy And maybe I feel sexier because I’m in my business I know who I am “

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Recently on Earth Day, which fell on April 22 this year, Suzanne took to social media to celebrate.She posted a nude photo of herself kneeling in a field of grass and covering her body, while smiling at camera “I love the earth,” she wrote next to the photo, “I choose organic and non-toxic products as much as possible because I know it’s better for me… and better for her! Happy Earth Day “

Suzanne had already shared the photo on Instagram at the age of 73 “This image went viral You don’t usually take this photo at 73, but I could and it looked good,” Suzanne said on Good Morning America in 2020 “I want women to know this is not finished And when you think it’s over I just want them to know there are more chapters “

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Suzanne Somers

Ebene News – United States – Suzanne Somers shares rare photo of her look-alike granddaughter

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