Ebene News – US – Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus Says She ‘Likes’ Gary And Kristina For Not Putting Amber Down, Fans Go

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 shared on social media that she “loves” Gary and Kristina Shirley for talking positively about Amber Portwood to her daughter Leah and fans had something to say about this topic

In Briana’s post she wrote, “I love Gary and Kristina so much more for that” and shared a fan page gif for Teen Mom OG In the gif, Gary was seen working out to tell Leah: “Your mother is important”

He was referring to a scene from this week’s episode Gary was planning Leah’s 12th birthday party and when Leah let her mom Amber off the guest list he tried to stay neutral.

Although Leah expressed that she did not want her mother to be invited, Gary explained that Amber was still “important”

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Not wanting Leah to miss out on a potential relationship with her mother, Gary finally convinced her to invite Amber to her party

Amber wasted another bonding opportunity with Leah when she declined the invitation.She claimed that a one-on-one meeting with Leah was the only way to mend their relationship

One of Briana’s followers commented on Amber’s live Instagram, where she called Kristina a “wh ** e” and a “homewrecker” “

“The real show was Amber live last night, calling Kristina like fuck shit, and Leah is spoiled. She thinks she’s a great mom who sees her kids 1-2 times a week,” one subscriber wrote

Another Briana fan hinted that Amber was delusional: “She literally said the only reason Leah lives with Gary / Kristina is because they took her to Disneyland once… l ‘higher level illusion “

A Teen Mom fan speculated that Amber wanted to use Leah as a babysitter when they replied, “And Leah wants to live with her mmmm ok so Leah can take care of James while Amber sleeps “

Amber told her brother on a video call in the episode, “I was there every week, a few times a week, or every other mom a week and if I wasn’t there it was ‘was because I was sick “

Another subscriber claimed that two visiting days a week was not enough for Amber to spend with Leah

“Amber’s brother gave her a full and good ear for him He knows the truth, while #Amber is still in denial twice a week, that’s not being a hand on mum”, did they write

Another fan agreed that Amber needed to spend more time with Leah, writing, “It’s so sad that Amber needs to listen to her daughter [sic] You don’t have a chance to decide if you’re hurting someone, Leah tries to tell Amber she’s hurt, but she probably feels like she’s talking to a wall Who also thinks one day a week is enough ?? “

One of Briana’s subscribers admitted that “We all want Christina [sic] to be our second mom”

Despite the shadow cast over Amber, she repeatedly claims she’s a good mom, however, Amber’s actions enraged fans of the show, and they even demanded that she be fired from the franchise.

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Ebene News – US – Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus Says She “ Likes ” Gary And Kristina For Not denigrating Amber, the fans go away

Source: https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/briana-dejesus-of-teen-mom-2-says-she-loves-gary-and-kristina-for-not-bashing-amber-fans-go-off/