Ebene News – US – The Kaiju Go Wild in ‘Trials of Ultraman’ Trailer

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The Kaiju have escaped their vault Only one hero dares to stand between humanity and these unstoppable monsters Start now THE TESTS OF ULTRAMAN!

Following its successful debut in Marvel Comics, THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN, the incredible Ultraman saga will continue next month in an all-new series THE TRIALS OF ULTRAMAN will see the return of writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom and artist Francesco Manna as they delve even deeper into the fascinating myth of Ultraman The new episode will pick up directly after Ultraman’s explosive battle with Bemular Ultraman may have saved the world, but now come the consequences. Earth’s Great Defender will face a suspicious population, hidden enemies and the mysterious return of a long-lost comrade! The climb is over and Ultraman now faces his greatest challenges

“In THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN we had to create a whole new universe (based on the powerful concepts and characters from the original TV shows) Then in the last issue of RISE we turned that world upside down Now, in THE TRIALS OF ULTRAMAN, we can really explore this new universe – the consequences of the decisions made in RISE, and the possibilities (as well as the tensions) of a newly fantastic global community, ”explain Higgins and Groom “The introduction is over now we’re going to dive into the real meat of our Ultraman saga And the stakes and the scale will only grow “

The adventures of the mysterious warrior beyond the stars continue! Don’t miss this exciting new chapter when THE TRIALS OF ULTRAMAN # 1 releases on March 17th!

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Ebene News – USA – The Kaiju go wild in ‘Trials’ trailer of Ultraman ”

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