Ebene News – US – The Young & Restless Twist that tells you everything you need to know about Adam and Sharon’s future as a couple

Long before Sharon and Rey’s wedding on New Years Eve, we all knew Adam would show up… right? The only real question most Young & Restless fans had was whether he would speak up now or keep the peace forever, and although he chose not to oppose the union, always is a long time, especially when it comes to soap

For ages now, Adam and Sharon have been a controversial couple In one corner, fans who believe the former newlyweds have been deprived of their happiness forever and deserve another blow In the other are those who wonder how a woman could even contemplate tracking down a man who once stole her child and made him believe the baby was dead for months

Does true love conquer everything… including such an incredibly cruel act? In the real world, it’s doubtful But on soaps… we know that it happens

Days of Our Lives’ Ben is a serial killer who found redemption with Ciara, whose distant cousin Will was one of his victims (until his resurrection, anyway) and Elizabeth of the General Hospital is married to Franco, another reformed serial killer who once kidnapped his son, Aiden

So it’s not out of the question to find Sharon with Adam And based on more recent events, we would even go so far as to say that it is very likely

In a way, these two are meant for each other Now these methods aren’t entirely healthy, but that doesn’t negate their existence

Take, for example, the fact that when Adam needed help coping with the fact that he was a little boy he had killed a man, Sharon was the only person who could reach him.You will recall that Adam got so dark during this time that he seemed for a hot second as if he could plant a bomb with which to take his father and possibly the rest of his family.

It was Sharon, with Victor’s help, who ended up getting Adam the help he needed by putting him in a mental institution. Admittedly, when he was released 72 hours later, she insisted to Victor that she had done all she could for her son Yet it should be remembered that when Sharon suggested that Rey propose it came immediately after Adam begged her to give their love another try It couldn’t have been more like she begged Rey to keep her from giving in to the temptation that Adam so clearly represents

Adam’s reunion with Chelsea, too, has felt largely forced in recent months After hearing him declare his love for Sharon, Chelsea wisely stepped out.However, she quickly returned to Adam and started planning a life away from Genoa City, as if she was well aware that the only way to keep him by her side was to put an ocean between him and Sharon

It was impossible not to see the pain in Adam’s eyes as he watched Sharon marry another man Every word of love she said to Rey was like a dagger in Adam’s heart As for Sharon, a look in her eyes and we knew she wanted to say every word of her vows … at that point Yet if Adam had stepped forward and told his truth, we suspect the facade would have collapsed. and, even if she had stayed with Rey, he would have seen the truth

“FYI Sharon, there is only one correct answer to the question Adam asked you above And that is ‘no'”

We love Sharon and Rey… or at least their idea But theirs was never a passionate romance As troubled as his marriage to Mia might have been, there was an undeniable fire between them that just isn’t not present with Sharon Ensemble, they are comfortable like two people who know that they can be perfectly satisfied, happy even

But given our long history with Sharon, we know she’s a woman who wants more than just being satisfied She’s had a great passion in her life, and sooner or later she’ll want it again. seems almost inevitable that when this fire begins to burn deep within her, she will turn to Adam again.It doesn’t make sense, it’s not fair, but soap fans learned a long time ago that sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants … even if in the end it will break down

What do you think, Young fans of & Restless? Are Sharon and Adam ultimately destined to reunite, despite the pain it might cause others? Or are they really, really ready to move on and let go of what they had in the past? Visit the gallery below to remember this couple at their best and worst, then resonate in the comments about their future

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Ebene News – United States – The Young & Restless Twist That Tells Everything you need to know about the future of Adam and Sharon as a couple

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