Ebene News – US – Transit Drive-In’s First-Ever New Year’s Eve Celebration to Benefit Make-A-Wish

If you’re looking to get out of the house to ring the bell in 2021 safely, Transit Drive-In welcomes cars for their first ever dual-feature for New Year’s Eve celebration

Colonel Owen G Ray has been suspended from his post as Chief of Staff of the I Corps pending a law enforcement investigation into the case

China accused the US of organizing a show of force by sailing two Navy warships in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday morning The Navy said the Arleigh-class guided missile destroyers Burke USS John S McCain and USS Curtis Wilbur “conducted a routine transit through the Taiwan Strait” in accordance with international law The Chinese Defense Ministry called the move a “show of force” and a provocation that ” sent the wrong signal to “Taiwan independence forces” and seriously endangered peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region”

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador showed his popularity over other world leaders on Wednesday, saying the media did not want the public to know how much support he enjoys Asked at a regular press conference about his confidence in 2021, when Mexico holds legislative elections in June, Lopez Obrador said he was optimistic.Then he asked his aides to plan an ongoing investigation into the notes of approval of 13 world leaders

South Korea to sell the assets of a Japanese company to compensate a group of citizens who were forced to work as laborers during the years of Tokyo’s colonial rule on the peninsula A court in the city of Daejon has ruled on Tuesday that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries should give up assets worth £ 565,000 The verdict is the latest step in a 2018 Korean Supreme Court order for Mitsubishi to pay between £ 68,000 and £ 102,000 to four plaintiffs who were forced to work for the company between 1910 and 1945 Japan has yet to comment on the verdict but has in the past expressed anger over the case and suggested that it could impose retaliatory sanctions.A number of other similar cases are pending in Korean courts, including including compensation claims against Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp Japanese government insists that all claims relating to years of Japanese colonial rule were “completely and definitively settled” with the signing of a treaty in June 1965 which normalized diplomatic relations between Seoun and Tokyo, and included grants amounting to US $ 300 million tacitly seen as compensation While Japan says the treaty should end the issue, Korean courts have sided with former workers who say they have not received redress directly from Japanese companies or the government for their suffering The South Korean government has also denied Japan’s requests to intervene in the cases on the grounds that they are before the courts Mitsubishi is preparing to appeal the decision, although earlier appeals were summarily dismissed in 2019, after An earlier development of the case, Japan imposed new restrictions on exports of chemicals essential to South Korea’s semiconductor industry Tokyo is likely to have drafted a similar response to the sale of Mitsubishi assets – six patents and two trademark rights It was suggested that Tokyo could impose new tariffs on imports or increase existing tariffs, restrict the issuance of visas, impose new financial penalties, restrict the operations of Korean companies in Japan and recall the ambassador in Seoul The Japanese government is unwilling to leave the cases unchallenged as it fears a victory over its companies could open the floodgates for countless similar cases of other Koreans or descendants of forced laborers who have since died. And if the Koreans are successful in the compensation lawsuits against Japanese companies, it could open the floodgates to similar claims from people in other parts of Asia who also feel victimized by the actions of Imperial Japan in the first decades of the century. latest

Senior officers who previously protected Joe Biden as vice president should be brought back on board

From an airy loft in Venice to a romantic getaway in Topanga, these vacation homes offer something for every traveler   Originally appeared on Architectural Digest

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan will buy 12 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from Chinese Sinopharm, a minister said on Thursday, the first official confirmation of a vaccine purchase by the South Asian country as ‘it fights a second wave of infections China on Thursday approved a COVID-19 vaccine developed by a subsidiary of state-backed pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, its first vaccine approved for consumer use “The Cabinet Committee decided to initially purchase 12 million doses of the vaccine from Chinese company Sinopharm, which will be provided free of charge to frontline workers in the first quarter of 2021, ”Pakistani Science and Technology Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Twitter

The Second Amendment is one of the most frequently cited provisions of the U.S. Constitution, but also one of the most misunderstood.The 27 words that make up the Second Amendment seem to confuse modern Americans on both the left and the Ironically, those on both ends of our contemporary political spectrum view the Second Amendment as an obstacle to strong gun regulation Gun rights advocates – primarily, but not exclusively, on the right – seem to believe the Second Amendment amendment bans many forms of gun regulation Left, frustration over lack of progress in modern gun control leads to periodic calls to repeal the amendmentBoth of these beliefs ignore irrefutable historical truth The drafters and adopters of the Second Amendment were generally strong supporters of the idea of ​​well-regulated freedom Without strong governments and effective laws, they believed, freedom inevitably degenerated into license and ultimately in anarchy Diligent students of history, especially Roman history, the federalists who drafted the Constitution understood that tyranny more often resulted from anarchy and not from a strong government I have researched and written the history of gun regulation and the Second Amendment over the past two decades When I started this research, most people assumed that regulation was a relatively recent phenomenon, something associated with the rise of big government in the modern age. In fact, while the founding generation certainly appreciated the idea of ​​an armed population, they were also strong supporters of gun regulation. Consider These Five Categories of Gun Laws That the Founders Approved Today, U.S. gun rights advocates generally oppose any form of registration – though such systems are common in all jurisdictions. other industrial democracies – and generally argue that registration violates the Second Amendment This claim is also difficult to line up with the history of the founding of the country.All settlements – with the exception of Quaker-dominated Pennsylvania, the only settlement in which religious pacifists blocked the creation of a militia – have enlisted local citizens, white males aged 16-60 in state-regulated militias Colonies and then Newly Independent States kept track of those private weapons needed in the service of the militia Men could be fined if they showed up at a rally without a well-maintained, working weapon 2: Public Portage The modern gun rights movement has aggressively pursued the goal of expanding the right to bear firearms in public.The American colonies inherited various restrictions which evolved under English common law. 18th century, armed travel was limited to a few well-defined occasions, such as assisting justices of the peace and gendarmes Members of the upper classes also had a limited exception for traveling with weapons Concealable weapons such as handguns were subject to even stricter restrictions The City of London has completely banned the public carrying of these weapons The American Revolution did not swept away the English common law In fact, most of the colonies adopted the common law as it was interpreted in the colonies before independence, including the ban on armed travel in populated areas Thus, there was no general right to travel by armed force when the Second Amendment was passed, and certainly no right to travel with concealed weapons. Such a right first appeared in the United States in the Slave South, decades after the passage of the Second Amendment The market revolution of the early 19th century made cheap and reliable handguns readily available Murder rates in the South skyrocketed as a result In other parts of the country traditional English restrictions on armed travel persisted with a significant change U.S. law recognized an exception to this ban for people who had good reason to fear an imminent threat.Nevertheless, by the turn of the century, banning public transportation was the legal standard, not the exception According to traditional English common law, one had a duty to retreat, not to hold on Lethal force was justified only if no other alternative was possible It was necessary to retreat, until the retreat was no longer possible, before killing an aggressor The use of lethal force was only justified in the home, where retreat was not required under the so-called castle doctrine, or the idea that “a man’s house is his castle” The emergence of a more aggressive view of the right to self-defense in public, which holds firm, has slowly appeared in the decades since followed the civil war While some gun rights advocates attempt to demonize government power, it is important to recognize that one of the most important rights citizens enjoy is the freedom to elect representatives who can enact laws to promote public health and safety This is the foundation of the idea of ​​ordered liberty.The regulation of gunpowder and firearms derives from an exercise of this fundamental liberty In 1786, Boston acted on this legal principle, prohibiting the storage of a weapon gun loaded in any domestic accommodation in town The guns had to remain unloaded, a practice that made sense since the black powder used in guns at that time was corrosive Loaded guns also posed a particular risk in a fire, as they could unload and injure innocent bystanders and those fighting fires. 5: Loyalty oaths One of the most common claims we hear in modern Second Amendment debate is the claim that the founders included this provision in the Constitution to make possible a right of revolution. But this assertion is also based on a serious misunderstanding of the role played by the right to bear arms in American constitutional theory. In fact, the Founders engaged in the large-scale disarmament of the civilian population during the American Revolution The right to bear arms was subordinated to the oath of loyalty to the government People who refused to take such an oath were disarmed L The idea that the Second Amendment was supposed to protect the right to take up arms against the government is absurd Indeed, the Constitution itself defines such an act as treason The regulation of firearms and the possession of firearms have always existed side by side in American history The Second Amendment does not stand in the way of the passage of sensible gun laws Failure to do so is not the fault of the Constitution; This is ours This article is republished from The Conversation, a nonprofit news site dedicated to sharing ideas from academic experts Read more: * Why Trump’s idea of ​​arming teachers can miss the mark * How US gun control compares to the rest of the world * How dangerous people get their guns in America As a researcher at the John Glenn School of Public Policy at Ohio State Cornell was the principal investigator of a project funded by a grant from the Joyce Foundation to research the history of firearms regulation Some of the research cited in this essay was carried out as part of this grant

At noon ET on January 20, following the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, he will issue a note to stop or postpone the midnight regulations and actions taken by the Trump administration that did not go into effect on the day. opening, Biden transition spokesperson Jen Psaki said on WednesdayMidnight regulations are created by executive agencies during the lame duck period of an incumbent president’s administration Psaki gave some examples, including a rule the Labor Department should issue that “would make it easier for businesses to call their workers independent contractors to avoid minimum wage and overtime protection“The regulatory freeze is standard practice for new administrations,” Psaki said, “but this freeze will apply not only to regulations but also to policy documents – documents that can have huge consequences on life. of the American peopleBiden has previously said he will take several executive steps in his first day in office, including joining both the World Health Organization and the Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change.More stories from the weekcom Trump is right on Republican death wish Bat research team investigating the origins of the coronavirus in China reportedly saw their samples confiscated Trump exceeds congressional subpoenas for his tax files – at least until he leaves office

A Louisiana State Police soldier died on Wednesday in apparent suicide as his colleagues searched his home in a criminal investigation, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press Three law enforcement officials with knowledge of the case said Senior Private August “Gus” McKay shot himself after authorities arrived in his Washington parish. Officials were not authorized to discuss McKay’s death and spoke to the PA on condition of anonymity

“I would be very scared if I lived in the United States,” said Benjamin Wilson, an American who has lived in Wuhan for almost two decades

The Egyptian foreign ministry summoned the Ethiopian charge d’affaires in Cairo on Wednesday to provide clarification on the comments of the Ethiopian foreign ministry spokesperson, he said Comments “concerned” Egyptian internal affairs, ministry added without providing further details It was not immediately clear what comments angered Egypt

“ARacial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning” This is how the New York Times headlined her bestselling article about a freshman in college for something she said as high school rookie Mimi Groves was still a child when she said, in a Snapchat recording, “I can drive” followed by “n-word” – the racial insult Jimmy Galligan, a half-black student who graduated from Heritage High School in Virginia last spring with Groves, got this video in their senior year Per Galligan himself, he waited until Groves was accepted and chose to enroll at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville to post the video – which went viralThe resulting firestorm led to a torrent of abuse and an ultimatum from the University of Tennessee at Groves: Voluntarily withdraw or have your offer of admission canceled Groves, which is white, chose the first and now taking classes at a local community college instead of the school of his dreams – the maths Should the first two have led to third on the scale Groves now faces? Any reasonable person would say no Even admitting the obvious – she shouldn’t have used this insult in any context – there is little indication that she used it out of hatred for blacks In fact, the context seems clear: Groves casually put it, as hundreds of hip-hop tracks do every year This is no excuse for behavior, which should be viewed as unacceptable But it is an important distinction from use insult with animus, which obviously wasn’t his intention There’s a lot to blame for what happened If Groves can be held responsible for a bad decision made in his mid-teens, Galligan surely can also for deliberately trying to ruin a classmate’s life four years later – a worse crime at a later age But whatever Galligan’s guilt, institutions like the University of Tennessee and the New York Times deserve far more contempt than either of these Virginia teens.In college, cowardice won the day In the face of calls on social media for Groves’ acceptance to be quashed, administrators bowed to pressure from a vocal minority, giving up what was right to do what was most convenient It was easier for university officials to hang Groves to dry than to weather the intense but brief storm themselves So that’s what they did Their decision had nothing to do with the racial justice or any other kind of justice They didn’t care if Groves would feel “comfortable on campus” – language they used to persuade her to step down before giving her the ultimatum – and they didn’t believe not honestly that black campus students would be in danger if she enrolled The only thing that mattered to them was to escape the situation with the least effort and exam possible Forget to take a stand and explain why they wouldn’t punish a young woman for a mistake she made as a child It was all about damage control I wonder how many of us would ultimately be eligible to be accepted into the ‘University of Tennessee if we were held on par with Mimi Groves from our early high school yearsAnd at The Times, shameful (but now familiar) behavior also prevailed. To signal approval of Galligan’s behavior to readers without outright approving it, Dan Levin, the author of the article, notes that Galligan had ” made a decision that would ricochet through Leesburg, Va, a town named after an ancestor of Confederate General Robert E Lee and whose school system had fought a desegregation order for more than a decade after the landmark Supreme Court ruling “The ridiculous implication is that the name of the town of Groves and its opposition to integration over 50 years ago warranted its treatmentLevin adds that “the story behind the backlash also reveals a more complex picture of behaviors that for generations had not been controlled in schools in one of the wealthiest counties in the country, where black students have been taught. said they had long been ridiculed “before sharing the stories of college students who were forced to endure appalling racist treatment from their classmates or even forced them into ‘Underground Railroad’ games in gym class As infuriating as these stories are, they describe people guilty of much worse than the Groves offense Levin’s attempt to blur the lines between his case and more damning cases is despicable – or worse Levin also records an anecdote from Galligan that helpfully illustrates just how much Galligan has fact was wrong:> M Galligan thinks a lot about race and the implications of racial slurs. He said his father was often the only white person at maternal family reunions, where “the N word is a term that is sometimes used” by black parents. was a few years old he said his father had said it out loud, prompting Mr. Galligan and his sister to quietly take him aside and explain to him that it was unacceptable, even joking A few paragraphs later:> For his role, Mr. Galligan said he had no regrets “If I had never posted this video nothing would have ever happened,” he said. And as the internet never forgets, the clip will still be available for watch >> “I’ll remember, you started something,” he said with satisfaction “You taught someone a lesson” To his father, Galligan calmly explained why the use of insults – even by chance – is bad For Groves, he summoned national opprobrium on her and her family and denied her the opportunity to go to the school of her dreams Those who are so ruthless that they seek this retribution, so cowardly to grant it, and so dishonest to excuse it are broken

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted Tuesday evening that the second round of stimulus payments “could start arriving as early as tonight” for Americans who have implemented direct deposit with the Internal Revenue ServiceThe government will begin to send paper checks Wednesday In a statement, Mnuchin said the Treasury Department and IRS “were working at unprecedented speed to issue second round of economic impact payments to eligible Americans and their families These payments are an integral part of our commitment to provide vital additional economic assistance to the American people during this unprecedented time.”Last week Congress voted for $ 600 in direct payments to Americans, compared to $ 1,200 in stimulus checks sent out in the spring On Monday, the House voted to increase the payment from $ 600 to $ 2,000, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) on Tuesday blocked a vote in the Senate. Later, McConnell introduced a bill that would increase checks to $ 2,000, while repealing legal liability protections for tech companies and creating a commission to study electoral matters – two demands by President Trump that Democrats opposeMore stories from the week com Trump is right about Republicans’ death wish Bat research team investigating the origins of coronaviruses in China reportedly saw their samples confiscated on January 20, Biden to issue memo freezing regulations midnight of the Trump administration

An Ethiopian migrant who has become a symbol of integration in Italy, her adopted home, was killed on her farm where she raised goats for her cheese trade, police said on Wednesday A Ghanaian worker at her farm in northern Italy’s Trentino region admitted to killing 42-year-old Agitu Ideo Gudeta with a hammer and raping her, Italian news agency Ansa reported

Minneapolis police shot and killed a man during a traffic stop in the southern part of the city on Wednesday evening Police said the man was a suspect and shot at police officers , who then retaliated (Dec 31)

A winter storm sweeping through southwest Texas on Wednesday could dump more than a foot (030 meters) of snow before moving east and possibly causing tornadoes in parts of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi on New Years Eve, according to weather forecast Jeremy Grams, a forecaster with the National Weather Services Storm Forecasting Center in Norman, Oklahoma, said 12 to 18 inches (030 meters to 046 meters) of snow was possible west of the Pecos River in southwest Texas, with another 3 to 5 inches (013 meters) forecast for western Oklahoma by Thursday Tornadoes are possible because cold air moving east with the storm colliding with humidity and warmer temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, Grams said

President Trump is back with another wacky conspiracy theory on Georgia election results As proven by certified election results and multiple recounts, President-elect Joe Biden won the generally red state in the 2020 election But that didn’t stop Trump from launching lawsuits and lies aimed at invalidating election results there, including early Wednesday morning, when he tweeted a claim proven false about the secretary of State republican stateBrad Raffensperger, who heads the state’s elections, has faced threats and savage conspiracy theories after refusing to listen to attempts by Trump and his allies to overturn election results Far-right Newsmax commentator Dick Morris attempted to write another on Tuesday night, this time claiming Raffensperger’s brother worked for Chinese tech company Huawei Trump repeated this claim in a tweet on Wednesday, implying that the alleged relationship compromises the electoral integrity of the Secretary of State Someone named Ron Raffensperger has a high profile place at Huawei But so do thousands of people who share names family in this country, he and the Secretary of State are not brothers The continuation of Trump’s conspiracy comes just days before Georgians return to the polls for a run-off election that will determine the balance of power in the country. Senate President and his supporters have tried to undermine confidence in Georgia’s electoral system, with some even encouraging Republicans not to vote in what they claim to be an insecure election Update 11:45 am ET: This article has been updated to clarify that Dick Morris made the claim by appearing as a commentator on Newsmax, and to remove an earlier report that Raffensperger has no sibling. stories from the weekcom Trump is right about Republicans’ death wish Bat research team investigating the origins of coronaviruses in China reportedly saw their samples confiscated on January 20, Biden to issue memo freezing midnight regulations of the Trump administration

New Years Eve, Times Square Ball Drop, fireworks, New York

Ebene News – United States – Transit Drive-In’s first New Years celebration to benefit by Make-A-Wish

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