Ebene News – US – Uninvited guest crushes Sharon and Rey’s wedding as ceremony begins

Wednesday December 30, 2020: Today on The Young and the Restless, Adam visits Chance, Abby meets Arturo and Phyllis Needles Adam

At Crimson Lights, Mariah is distressed over pastries and finger sandwiches as Tessa tries to calm her down and offers to help her Faith rings in Tessa’s right – Mariah needs to relax Tessa offers to buy sparkling cider for Faith, who says it’s not necessary

At Sharon’s, Rey enjoys a visit with Lola and Arturo, who revel in how happy they are all to him Sharon joins them and Arturo announces that he has taken a course and obtained his license to be able to officiate their ceremony this evening They are delighted; that would make the wedding even more special

They make a video call with Celeste, who has heard of tamales She requests a one-on-one date with Sharon and tells her that she wishes she could be there and looks forward to their trip to Miami She is so relieved that Sharon is on the other side of her battle with cancer Sharon couldn’t have done it without Rey, who is a wonderful man Celeste wants to see the wedding dress, so Sharon takes the laptop to upstairs

Meanwhile, Rey tells Arturo what happened between him and Mia tore his heart apart, but time has passed and so has the pain They will both be happy now They look at the pictures of Arturo and Rey and Lola reveal they won’t be adding to Rosales’ baseball team anytime soon Lola and Arturo go upstairs and Rey and Sharon take one last moment together

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick wants Phyllis to go to the wedding with him Phyllis doesn’t think the day would be perfect for Sharon with her there

In the penthouse, Chelsea has a video call with Connor, who is worried about her.She assures him that her operation will be quick and painless and explains that it is just to fix his headache Connor asks to see his father , but he’s not there Chelsea promises Adam will call her to update him right after the operation is over When she can travel they’ll be together again They express their love and sign Chelsea holds her head and makes faces

At the gate of Chancellor Estate, Adam wonders if Chance will invite him in Chance reluctantly does so Adam thanks him for taking the ball and Chance reiterates that he ties their score Speak turns to Adam leaving The town Chance confirms that there is nothing more to bind them together and says, “Have a nice trip” Abby appears and asks what Adam is doing there Chance makes it clear that he is leaving and Abby warns that the company is closed for a private event tonight Adam has no plans to ruin Sharon’s marriage Outside, Adam looks dejected

At Society, Chance and Abby are getting ready for the wedding when Nick arrives and says Phyllis isn’t showing up They reveal that Adam came through the house Chance doesn’t think he’ll show up

At Crimson Lights, Adam hits base with Chelsea He gets his favorite dessert She warns he might get a call from a real estate agent near Connor’s school Adam hesitates at the news then logs out

Inside, Adam meets Phyllis, who is wondering if he planned a disaster for Sharon’s wedding Adam is no longer this guy Phyllis chuckles “Adam, seriously, it’s me” She said the same thing the other day but don’t think that’s true of either of them Adam admits they’ve been outside looking inside Phyllis thinks that’s why they’re attracted to some better halves Nick for her and Chelsea for him… or is it Sharon for him? At the mention of Sharon marrying Rey, Adam lowers his head Phyllis asks: “Does Chelsea know she’s priced out? consolation? ”Adam talks about his man version of the musical chairs Phyllis insists that Sharon is his kryptonite and adds that there are three things that are certain in the world: death, taxes and Adam being Adam

Mariah, Tessa and Faith join Sharon at home to pamper the bride before the wedding After a few bubbles, Sharon thanks them all; she will remember this day for the rest of her life In a single moment, she talks to Faith about her courage through her diagnosis and wishes her peace and joy for the new year She promises it will only get better from here

Mariah and Tessa join Sharon and Faith, but Tessa stands to the side, looking distraught Mariah guesses her agent has given her some bad news Tessa had a headlining gig in New York… but this ‘is tonight Mariah insists she go Before leaving, Tessa gives a heartfelt little speech to Sharon She will dedicate a song to her and Rey tonight After, Faith is distracted by a text from Jordan, who has decided to coming to the wedding reception tonight Faith turns to look at the champagne

At Society, Abby greets Rey and introduces Chance to Arturo, Rey’s brother Arturo congratulates them on their marriage Abby tells him how happy they are; he did her a favor by cheating on her Arturo assumes they are all where they are supposed to be He loves Mia and is blessed to have his son Abby pull away and wipe away his tears, then assures Chance that what Arturo said had no effect on her Chance wants to give up marriage and go home “Are you with me?” She replies: “As long as we both live”

Later, Nick dazzles Rey before the ceremony, who admits he’s a little nervous Nick calls Phyllis, who assumes he forgot the rings. He actually forgot the gift and asks her to crush it; she doesn’t need to see anyone At the bar, Rey reunites with Arturo and Lola again for a sibling fight Faith enters and Lola understands that she is embarrassed by her father Then Mariah enters, then everyone calms down as she is followed by Sharon, who looks breathtaking

At Society, Faith and Mariah cross the room Sharon appears and walks towards the altar As Arturo says, “Let’s start”, Adam arrives

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Ebene News – USA – Uninvited guest crushes wedding of Sharon and Rey as The Ceremony Begins

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