Ebene News – US – Vikings’ Justin Jefferson sets record just after live mic caught him frustrated with Kirk Cousins

Justin Jefferson grabbed a few assists on Sunday, but also caught a review after a live mic caught him saying nasty things about Kirk’s Cousins ​​after a errant pass passed him in the end zone

Well, Jefferson angered some with the – fairly innocuous – moment in the field, which led to being called a “diva” among other things on the tweeting machineJJ just wants you to know it’s not. the case

😂😂😂😂you love to blow things out of proportion And I’m no diva don’t twist it https: // tco / SfVo6quwpr

“(Y) ‘loves to blow things out of proportion,” the tweet read “And I’m no diva, don’t twist it”

While the double negative here implies that Jefferson might in fact be a diva, there’s no denying what he meant: he’s not, in fact, a diva All things considered, he’s just a moment of passion in competition Nothing to see here

While the chemistry between Jefferson and Cousins ​​is apparent, this isn’t the first time a Vikings wide receiver has had an issue with the quarterback as Stefon Diggs praised Cousins after his trade with the Bills, a rift apparently grew between the two during the 2019 season leading up to this trade

Cousins ​​and star receiver Adam Thielen have also shared a few words on the sidelines over the past seasons, but it’s nothing above the angst of the heat of the moment

Yet once is a coincidence, twice is a coincidence and three times is a trend Do what you want

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Ebene News – USA – Vikings’ Justin Jefferson sets record just after live mic on got frustrated by Kirk Cousins

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