Ebene News – US – WandaVision’s Teyonah Parris opens up about Monica’s connection to Wanda, those Captain Marvel mentions and more


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We still have a lot of questions about Wanda Maximoff’s true intentions on WandaVision… but Monica Rambeau has become just as big a mystery lately

Ever since she was kicked out of The Hex in Episode 3, Teyonah Parris’sWORre Agent has been a complete puzzle: her post-Hex x-rays (hex rays?) have come back blank, her very cells have changed. following her stint at Westview, and she chatted with a still invisible aerospace engineer who could help her return to the Spirit-Controlled City, which Monica seems eager to try

“In my opinion, she wants to go back [to The Hex] because she realizes that if Wanda sorts her grief, she’s also really holding a town hostage,” Parris tells TVLine with a laugh. “There’s the level of, “I understand what you’re trying to handle” but also, “You are not allowed to do this” We’re going to watch Monica sort out the dichotomy of the two How do you help and do you know someone doing something he shouldn’t be doing, while being compassionate with what he is doing? “

Ahead of the seventh episode of WandaVision (which drops Friday on Disney), many of our current questions about Monica are topics Parris can’t explicitly tease.She is unable to give clues as to who the friend is. Monica’s engineer (though fan theories abound), and she’s just as low-key as to whether Monica and Jimmy Woo stayed safe outside The Hex while Wanda developed it in Episode 6 (” My mom asked me the same too “, reveals Parris, when asked if Monica and Jimmy got away in SWORve vehicle quickly enough” I’ll say I shouldn’t say “)

But Parris can explain why Monica has stood up so ardently for Wanda in the last few episodes, despite the pain Wanda has caused her in Westview: The two women are tied in loss, she says

“Not only [Monica’s mother] was successful, but Monica wasn’t there to help her mother make the transition And it’s a very hard pill to swallow,” the actress shares. “The guilt and shame and any other heartache she might try to resolve, all the while returning to work on a project that she doesn’t usually even do – there are parallels between Monica’s grief, trauma and tragedy, as well as what ‘is Wanda experiencing Monica connects with Wanda at this level “

Meanwhile, Monica’s bond with Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel – formed when Monica was a child – seems to have waned in one way or another, given Monica’s recent cold reaction to Captain’s name. Marvel With Parris confirmed to appear in the MCU’s Captain Marvel 2 movie, she hints that “we’ve got plenty of ground and time to play around with Carol and Monica’s relationship”

As to whether WandaVision will offer any further explanation for Monica and Carol’s apparent breakup before the series ends, Parris will just tease, “There’s still a lot more story to tell” in all three episodes. remaining in the series

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Ebene News – USA – WandaVision’s Teyonah Parris talks about Monica’s bond with Wanda, these mentions of Captain Marvel and Sequel

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