Ebene News – US – What we learned from the Flyers’ return against the Rangers

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The Flyers, finally, were back in action last night after their 10-day layoff, and they were finally ready to face the Rangers Their first comeback was decidedly odd, with the Flyers taking a very early lead. thanks to a goal from Nicolas Aube-Kubel, then giving up two goals to crush their own lead, before a late goal from Joel Farabee in the third with the goalie pulled the tied things up and sent them into overtime And then with the help of some stellar goalkeepers from Carter Hart, the Flyers then killed an overtime penalty, only to go and lose that- this in a shootout Normal stuff So it’s ok Here are some of our take-out meals

Right now we kind of know the Flyers tend to have slow starts in their games, coming out a bit flat and just hoping to weather the storm of opponents while they get their legs under. them And given the long hiatus they were returning from, last night it was one of the few games where a start like that would have been entirely understandable. So what did the Flyers do? Came out with lots of jumps, scored the game’s opening goal early and had the Rangers on their heels for much of the period Of course

All in all, it was a good start for the Flyers as they outscored Rangers 15-14 in shooting attempts and took a small advantage in expected goals, with 37 at their 36 (same s ‘they struggled to get their shots through and ended up getting beaten 8-4) There was no sluggishness and relatively little rust that we saw from them, just a solid hockey spell – actually one of the best times we’ve seen from them all season, go figure Now that wasn’t a perk they were able to hold onto for the duration of the game – the Ranger has really come back into the game. in the second half, and we ended up, all in all, with an adjusted 4945 CF% and 3565 xGF% for the Flyers, but they seemed to be in the mix for the most part, which looks like a solid achievement, given the roster they were working with

As we mentioned in the preview for this game, one of the fun elements (if we want to call it fun) that stems from the Flyers needing to complete their roster due to the lack of players is, well, some of the children of the Phantoms have a chance now! And last night we saw David Kase return for the first time this season after playing six games last season, and Maksim Sushko made his NHL debut.

Kase entered this game pretty much as advertised: in his first two games with the Phantoms this year he had flown, and he brought a lot of that same energy with him to the Flyers roster last night. His line with Nolan Patrick and Connor Bunnaman worked well together – in numbers, they posted a 6227 CF%, and showed some nice flashes, generating some chances Overall a pretty solid return for Kase

Sushko had a fairly quiet game, which feels more or less normal when you only play 5:55 a.m. all night long. His underlying numbers weren’t great, as his line was pretty well buried and he ended up with a fit 3465 CF% in the evening But the big one to remember seemed to be more general: it wasn’t a perfect game for him, but he also didn’t seem to get lost in the pace of play, which was certainly encouraging to see

He also got a little bit of luck – on the shift that saw the Flyers claim two different penalties and the Rangers then give up a full two-minute power-play 5-on-3, Sushko could easily have been called out. for a high stick, but he didn’t. So maybe we had a little cosmic grace to add to this NHL debut No complaints here

Now I’m moving on to talk about the Flyers special team screenings last night, well, that’s not exactly a pretty picture. The Flyers had 8:27 of 5v4 power play time to work on, and they came out empty-handed They generated a good number of attempts, with 15, but struggled to pull off those shots, as only four ended up reaching the goal It really seemed to be the same type of issues that were cropping up again, with issues on the entries and a little bit of passing, and overall they didn’t seem to be playing completely consistent, just looking a little shabby.

The penalty had a bit of a bumpy night as well, but it feels more like a real mixed sack.On the one hand, in their 3:56 of time on the 4v5 penalty, they only allowed five attempts of shooting, two shots on goal and a high chance of danger, which are totals we can live with, in a vacuum cleaner But on the other hand, they had a pretty lousy breakdown on the game leading up to Colin Blackwell’s goal. because pretty much all of the cover in front of the net has been dropped and plenty of space has been opened up for the Rangers to work with. , and they certainly took advantage of it

Now we realize that it is difficult to be concerned about the underperformance of the special teams in this particular case, as there were so many regular members in the missing personnel groups. But it’s also just to have wanted to see a little more Both can be true

We alluded to this in the introduction, but we’ll say it again: The Flyers got a pretty solid game from Hart last night We didn’t really see any rust that needed to be shaken off him, and he was able to make big saves for the Flyers when they needed them In total, he stopped 29 of the 31 shots he faced (including seven of the eight chances of high danger), good for a 939 percent savings in the evening

It’s hard to fault him for the Rangers’ first goal of the night on the power play – they moved the puck well and had plenty of room to work up front, so we’re more concerned about that defensive coverage than the game’s. Hart The second goal that we can throw some of the blame on him because the rebound off the initial stop wasn’t great and that save also pulled him a little out of position so he couldn’t make the second, and that’s not great, but also the blue line roll that started that streak for the Rangers shouldn’t have happened So it’s okay

What it all comes down to is that we walk away from this one knowing it wasn’t a perfect game for Hart, it wasn’t off and was just going to steal this one for. the Flyers, but he was very good, and made some really big saves to keep this game from getting out of hand.He made most of the big and timely saves but not all of them

In principle, we don’t like losses It’s true across the board But, that said, in some ways it seems hard to be too concerned about this loss The Flyers were coming off a 10-minute break days, missing six of their major contributors, playing a lineup that up front looked almost more like the Phantoms’ opening roster than theirs With everything against them in this game, there really wasn’t any much to prove The fact that we saw some cute flashes from them, and overall they got to play with good energy after the long break was certainly a nice plus, but it wasn’t quite fact necessary to see The Flyers made the most of a tough situation and still got a point on it Was it a perfect effort? Absolutely not But it shows we can live with it for now


Ebene News – United States – What we learned from the Flyers’ comeback against Rangers

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