EbeneMagazine – AU – The Block’s Darren Jolly and ex-wife Deanne went to court

Posted: 01:27 GMT, October 26, 2020 | Update: 01:29 GMT, October 26, 2020

Darren Jolly and ex-wife Deanne both face serious criminal charges as a result of their messy breakup

The 38-year-old former Block star was scheduled to appear before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Monday, where he faces multiple charges

The case is set to be adjourned with thousands more criminal hearings as Melbourne’s ailing justice system continues to work its way through the COVID-19 pandemic

Daily Mail Australia can also reveal Deanne faces almost identical charges as her ex, with a hearing scheduled for Thursday at Ringwood Magistrates’ Court

Sad split: Darren Jolly claims he hasn’t been in touch with his two daughters ‘for months’ after splitting from his wife, Deanne, in September Photographed together on The Block

Darren and Deanne announced their separation in September last year after 15 years of marriage

In February, he spoke candidly about his business problems and the breakdown of his marriage at the AFL Club Annual General Meeting in Collingwood

‘Spending three weeks in a mental institution to deal with depression Leaving my 15-year marriage because I fell in love and wanted a happier life,’ he said at the time

Darren told his former teammates his sanity had gotten so bad around this time that he “almost did something stupid and end [his] life”

‘It was all too much to handle and I lost control I lost my will to continue, I lost my purpose in life, I lost my direction and I lost my way I thought it was easier to go, ” he confessed

In the depths of his struggle, he admitted himself to the hospital and described it as “the best thing [he] could have done”

It was the same month that Darren claimed he had not been in contact with his two daughters Scarlett and Lily “ for months ”

“ To my daughters, I miss you like crazy and I just want to hold you in your arms, ” he posted on Instagram

His daughters are missing: The former Block star, 38, said in an Instagram post on February 20 that it had been months since he last spoke to his children, Scarlett and Lily (photo)

The couple were a popular contender in Channel Nine’s remodel series The Block, appearing twice in 2014 and 2015 and winning the final season

In a statement to the Herald Sun last year, Deanne confirmed the couple’s acrimonious split and claimed Darren was the instigator

‘It’s a very difficult time for me and my daughters We have been blinded and devastated by Darren’s action But I am focusing on my two daughters, who are my number one priority,’ ‘she said at the time

In another Instagram post earlier this year, Darren hinted that he was going through a rough patch

He shared a quote that read: ‘The truth always comes out eventually, no matter how hard you try to hide it or stop it Lies are only a temporary delay to the inevitable’

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‘To my daughters I miss you like crazy and I just wanna hold you’ he wrote Photographed with Lily

In an Instagram post in November, Darren claimed he fell into a ‘black hole’ after his marriage broke up

Darren had been AFL football champion for Melbourne, Sydney Swans and Collingwood before becoming a reality TV star

In the months leading up to the couple’s split, he lost 16 kg and underwent a complete body transformation

The couple, known as “Daz and Dea” in The Block, married in 2004

The duo’s arguments became infamous during their stint on the Channel 9 series, and the duo previously opened up about their sometimes turbulent relationship in their audition tape to appear on the show.

Reality bites: Darren and Deanne were popular contestants in Channel Nine’s makeover series The Block, appearing twice in 2014 and 2015 and winning the final season

At the time, Deanne remained convinced that nothing had ever become malicious, adding: “ We don’t mean anything mean ”

Despite all their hard work during the 2015 season of The Block, Darren and Deanne walked away with a profit of only $ 10,000

They bounced back the following year, taking home $ 935,000 after returning to participate in The Block: Triple Threat

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EbeneMagazine – AU – Darren Jolly of the Block and his ex-wife Deanne went to court
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