NFL Rumors: Tom Brady may have joined Saints if Drew Brees retired

Turns out Tom Brady might still be playing in Sunday's Bucs-Saints game, even if he hadn't…

M5 closed in both directions after serious crash

Police have closed the carriageway between J9 (Tewkesbury) and J11 (Golden Valley/A40)

Two California Deputies Shot in Ambush, Authorities Say

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No Proof Convalescent Plasma Works Against COVID

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15 Reasons Why WA And WD Are The Unsung Heroes Of A Netball Team

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Elizabeth Warren Wants To Know Why This Company Was Spying On BLM Protesters

A group of Democratic lawmakers is demanding answers about protester surveillance conducted by data broker Mobilewalla.

Trump warns at Nevada rally that Democrats are “trying to rig the election”

President Trump claimed at a Saturday campaign rally that Democrats are "trying to rig" the upcoming…

Woman DRAGGED FROM CAR at checkpoint

WATCH the dramatic vision of a terrified woman being pulled from her car by armed police…

Dramatic checkpoint arrest leads to charges

A woman at the centre of a dramatic arrest at a COVID-19 checkpoint north of Melbourne…