Ebene News – GB – Seven injured as Kent explosion leaves gaping hole in row of houses

Several people were reportedly trapped and had to be released by the emergency services

Ebene News – GB – Seven people injured after houses exploded in Kent

Trapped residents freed by emergency services as explosion destroys home in Willesborough, near Ashford

Ebene News – GB – Two victims after huge explosion ravaged houses trapping people inside

Emergency services have managed to free a 'number of people' but it is not yet clear…

Ebene News – GB – Two injured in suspected gas explosion

The buildings surrounding the apartment were evacuated as a precaution

Ebene News – GB – Two people injured after ‘explosion’ in Lanarkshire

TWO people injured in suspected gas explosion in Lanarkshire

Ebene News – GB – Woman seriously injured in suspected gas explosion at Bargeddie

Emergency services were called to a house in North Lanarkshire after being badly damaged on Sunday…

Ebene News – GB – Injured and child rescued after ‘gas explosion’ in store

A man was injured and a child among those removed from the wreckage after a suspected…

Ebene News – GB – Building collapses after explosion in West London

Six fire trucks and about 40 firefighters are on the scene

Ebene News – GB – Four adults and one child saved as building collapses after ‘gas explosion’

Fire crews have been called to King Street in Ealing, west London, in what they call…

Ebene News – GB – Gas explosion in London sparks frantic search for trapped people

London firefighters rushed to a store in Ealing, London after a suspected gas explosion rocked the…